Why I Need a God

Why I Need a God


Recently a friend asked me how he could support me this lifetime?

This question took me by surprise as I have never had such a question posed to me.  It took me several days and his constant inquiry for me to answer.  I am a very independent person and I have a false belief that states I can do it all myself.  I really had to think about this quest, how can someone support me, this was such a foreign concept to my mind that I spent three days angsting over all the possibilities.

It was a great question yet I had no answer!

I am used to walking alone in this life and all of a sudden someone wants to support me?  What?  What would this mean, would I have to give up something to allow someone’s support?  My own continuous inquiry of this question was relentless and took my mind in so many different directions.

On the second day after breakfast, he again asked and said he needed an answer…I responded out of nowhere that I needed a teacher and a mentor.  I wondered where this request came from, but it made perfect sense as I have been looking for a teacher and mentor who could love me for who I am yet expand me beyond all dimensions.

The remainder of the day I thought about what this could possibly mean….it has been a dream of mine to find a mentor who understands me, sees me and could help me break all illusions.  I kept thinking that I had finally found someone who could fulfill this role…or did I?  This kept roaming around in my mind and then I heard a bold voice say, why didn’t you just ask for a God, that is what you are really looking for.

What?  Geeze…. where does this stuff come from, I wondered?  A God, I asked?  A vision flashed through my mind of a time when we were creator Gods right alongside of the one and only God.  Then my ego came in and disrupted the beautiful sight and feeling of a love so pure and light that it brought tears to my eyes, and I heard, like anyone can fulfill that role!

The next morning I told my friend I really needed a God….his expression surprised me and he commented with, “finally!”  We did not speak of it again.

Much to my surprise, this quest was not focused outside of myself.  Rather, I spent the rest of the day daydreaming about what it would be like to be free from this shell of a human body as that is my representation of what being God means.  No constraints of language, or energy form, or food, or water, or anything.  Just pure freedom, capable of deep experiences of love and peace yet incapable of experiencing lack.

I know at a conscious level I deserve to be loved and I deserve to love …..all at the level of which I desire.  Even though I live in a world of duality I should not have to experience the duality if I choose, after all this is humanities free will.  If I choose not to experience duality and the illusion that I am separate from my Godself then I deserve a God.  I laughed to myself as if that could even be a possibility in this so-called reality and wondered what I really meant by I deserve a God?

I wondered what life would be like if I experienced myself without holding anything back: freedom, deep love, peace, joy…….the emotions kept coming alongside the tears. There was a deep understanding in every single cell of my existence that the God I seek resides within me, because only I can fulfill such a wish.

My connection with my Godself is my one truth of all the worlds.  I need my god self because I am the one true person who knows me, sees me and understands me.  Only my connection with myself can fulfill why I need a God, because once I have that, I am connected with God, whole in God and one with God!

A Dimensional View of Consciousness

A Dimensional View of Consciousness


The word dimension refers to the density of space, points of energy which reside within a perceived point of view.  For example, in geometry first dimension is a singular point, second dimension is a plane, line or length, third dimension has volume and so on.

In the spiritual world first dimension consist of the ego, one dimensional point of view or the separation of the ego and the soul.  In first dimension, the only truth belonged to the ego which saw only itself.

The second dimension brought in the body, two-dimensional point of view.  The physical reality plus the ego, all remained in separation.  The ego needed a place to be housed and the physical body became its host.  A mechanism (body) which held the mind (ego) and how it witnessed itself in a body which lived on a planet.

Third dimension is the acknowledgement of the soul or energy.  Since the mechanism (body) evolved into two components comprised of the ego(mind) and energy (soul).  This new perspective of volume consists of a planet which resides within a cosmos, the body which houses the ego and the soul all living and breathing within a third dimensional cosmos.

Fourth dimension is the playing out of separation.  The lifetimes we have spent experiencing avenues of separation, a sort of heaven versus hell theory.  Having many experiences of duality within oneself consisting of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and actions.  All playing a part in an experience so far from the center or zero point of balance with zero point of balance being pure consciousness/truth/wisdom/love.  A point of view where full acknowledgement that a soul exists and may not be totally contained with the human body.

Fifth dimension is the moving out of separation.  The body must ascend to a higher dimension for the soul to be more fully embodied.  The soul cannot descend as that would mean some other experience, in this reality the body must ascend (lighten) to move out of the belief systems and duality that have been created in separation, particularly life and death.

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Moving from unconsciousness (forgetting) with the ego’s one pointed view, to consciousness (remembering) having many points of view is the purpose of the evolution of the soul in the experience of truth.  The fifth dimension is a place of remembering yourself as creator energy, being able to create in present moment time as the soul leads the way. 

The acknowledgement of being a multi-dimensional being is an awareness in this energy of 5th dimension.  Being aware of your thought, emotions, beliefs and actions and understanding your responsibility as a soul having this experience, rather than the ego’s experience.  The ego had to be created in order for humanity to survive such a place so far from balance, it understood that it needed to focus on one point (one dimension) at a time in order to live, grow and respond to the conditions of separation and duality.  As we ascend the ego’s purpose is to unify with the soul which only knows multiple points of view or multi-dimensionality where there is no birth or death.

As we continue to grow and expand we explore more and more points of view or stages of consciousness.  Your belief systems determine your awareness to dimensions and consciousness.  If you have very limited belief systems your consciousness resides in the dimension where your belief resides.  So, for example, if you believe in heaven and hell, then you are probably limiting this experience to the 4th dimension.  If you believe in aliens, alternate worlds, etc. you are most likely experiencing 5th dimension and beyond where all possibilities reside.

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Why Am I Here?

Why Am I Here?


I was lying in bed one morning wondering what the day would bring…..when the thought came over me, “Why am I here?”

How many of you have been asking this very question?

When I am amid transition/ascension, this question comes into my energy more than I care to acknowledge.  Why?  Because transitions or ascension phases are meant to expand us, to create awareness’s and to move us to a new action.  The question comes into our awareness to expand our consciousness, to bring our thoughts, emotions, and actions into our everyday patterns of awareness.  This allows for the old belief systems to change with grace and ease rather than fighting against them creating illness, anxiety or depression.

This is my first sign of awareness…..when this question comes into my energy field, it is my soul’s way of saying there is a transition coming, get ready!

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The following are 3 questions I ask myself to help me move through the process with grace and ease.  I ask them daily and sometimes multiple times during a day. Why?  Because I do NOT enjoy pain and suffering so I safeguard to guarantee grace and ease.

  1. Who am I? 

I try to ask this question daily, mainly because I am not the same person as I was yesterday.  If I feel I am the same person as I was yesterday then I know I am stuck in a loop, a loop of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and actions.  One way to get out of the loop is to ask the question.

  1. What do I really want to create?

Creation is for the self.  I am the creator of my life, not a victim, without regrets, just me being responsible for all my thoughts, actions, emotions and beliefs.  With this acknowledgment, I know that what I create, I can un-create if it really is not serving me.  If I create an illness, I know I can un-create it.  If I create a relationship issue, I can un-create that as well.

  1. What is the result? Am I doing this for myself or someone else?

Seeing the big picture of my creation is the key.  I always focus on what the result of my creation will be and who it will be for.  All my creations are for me, because I am the only one I control and have full responsibility for.  If my end result is for someone else, I do not create it because they are responsible for their life.  I would be taking their power away from them if I imposed my creation onto them.  My result is always for self-expansion and sometimes I take a wrong turn.  All of which I know I am responsible for and can easily un-create what does not serve my soul’s path.

We are in times of ascension, there is no certain place to go to, no one-way route to ascension of the body and soul. 

There is only freedom on our new path and when we ask the deep question of “Why am I here?” you get to expand!

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