Being a spiritual being, your deepest yearning is to breakthrough to a new consciousness, a new level of being.  Let’s get you using your abilities so you can make aligned choices in your life that bring fulfillment.

~ Activate your divine awakening to align with your soul’s purpose and expansion

~ Activate your crystalline energy to increase your frequency and start remembering your truth and power to align with why you are here

~ Activate the higher level of your soul gifts and expand them and start serving from your highest level

~ Accelerate your manifesting and creation powers through the healing and ascension process to become aligned with your desires so you can have more of what you want now.


~ Clarity of your purpose by awakening your divine alignment

~ Raise your vibration and frequency to remember your truth and power as a creative being

~ Activate your intuition and learn to serve from your highest level of conscious awareness

~ Learn to manifest with strong intent to align with your desires

a Four-week guided journey stepping into your power and creating the next level in your life for more alignment, clients and cash.


“Angela has the ability to go incredible deep in a powerful way and see you on a soul level so she can dive in and guide you in creating lasting transformation and results.”