Galactic Shaman

Angela may use some Shamanic modalities and are based on individual cases and what the healing requires. Listed below are some of the practices that may be accessed during a Soul healing.

Soul Loss
Soul loss is a survival technique that can happen during traumatic events in one’s life. It is generally understood that traumatic life experiences can result in the fragmentation of our inner soul. Part (s) of our soul may choose to leave in order to help the mind survive the experience. Through a soul retrieval, lost soul parts may be brought back through this process.

Soul Retrieval
A soul retrieval is a Shamanic practice that aims to reintegrate portions of the soul that might have been disconnected or lost. During a soul retrieval, the shaman journeys for the client to find the lost soul pieces and to bring them back to the soul. Bringing back the lost soul parts can have many benefits to a persons mental, psychical, spiritual levels.

Past Life Remembering
Our past lives may suggest clues to aspects of our current physical, emotional, intellectual and psychological person. The process of past life remembering helps us overcome life difficulties, life lessons or your life purpose. This remembering is very empowering and allows you take control of your life.

Soul Intrusions
Misplaced spirits may enter a person’s body when a person suffers soul loss or loss of a power animal. When this happens, spirits are simply in the wrong place. A shaman can journey to remove the intrusion by doing a soul extraction with the help of nature or angels to neutralize the lost energy.

Note: Spiritual healing using these techniques is not a substitute for traditional medical care or psychotherapy.

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