Awaken Your Gifts

As a certified coach I specialize in helping you transform your life.  I focus on your strengths,  helping you clarify your desires and wants.  You deserve to live the life you have always dreamed of.  I specialize in helping people who  feeling stuck, overwhelmed, emotionally and physically drained.

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Soul Readings

Channel/Soul Readings are messages from spirit, your own soul or a loved one.  Intuitive messages are very healing and may provide you with a deeper sense of knowing or insight.

Soul Masterclass

Moving Beyond the Brain: Understanding Wisdom  –  A series of 8 webinars covering your energy system.
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Soul of Money Mastermind – A 4-week program where we will explore the keys to unlock your money-attracting abilities.
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Soul Family Retreats

Soul Family Retreats are about creating, understanding and being the new you who lives on the new earth.  As we shift in our consciousness, we begin to remember who we are as energy beings.  Soul Family Retreats focus on you, where standing in your wisdom’s power, acting upon your truth and loving endlessly is your new norm.

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