Do you understand how your energy system works?


Do you know your thought patterns and beliefs?


Do you know how you react to your emotions?


Do you know which state of consciousness you are in during any given time of the day?

You are seeking to understand your emotions?

If you are looking to learn more about your beliefs and your thought patterns.

If you are wanting to expand in your wisdom of your energy system, your Chakra”s.

If you want to understand how your Chakra system plays a very important role in your moods.

If you want to understand each of your bodies in depth.  IE:  the emotional body, the physical body, the mental body and your spiritual body.

If you want to understand how your energy relates to higher states of consciousness and how to access these higher states without going into a deep meditation.

Each webinar focuses on one Chakra at a time.  We go in-depth with each body and how it is affected according to your balance or imbalance of your energy system or chakra system.

In-depth information of the Chakra System

In-depth information of how the Chakra System works and balances each body (physical, mental, emotional & spiritual)

In-depth information about higher states of consciousness and how each state is organized within the bodies and chakras

Which Diety to access if you want to expand into the related chakra

Mantra’s for each chakra

Activations and clearings for each chakra at each level of the bodies

How to use each chakra to expand into multi-dimensionality, the soul

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Angela, you are powerful teacher with the ability to communicate with other entities in the universe and you knew how to raised my awareness.  You empowered me to be who my soul longed to be.  You brought awareness of my soul to me and I now accept the love that I am, so I can now learn, forgive, heal and release all that does not serve me.  You provided me the knowledge and tools available to heal and release karmic issues and patterns that no longer serve me in order to live as a blissful whole being!  Thank you!


You really helped me find clarity in something that has been consuming me. You reminded me that anything is possible and it doesn’t have to follow any certain rules. You were able to help me understand the blocks I currently have and what I need to work on. Also, your connection with my guides and the extra things you picked up was truly a gift to me from your own gifts and talents.

Michelle - ND

I enjoyed the series very much.  It was very informational and helped my understanding of the Chakra’s and how they function especially when they are healthy.  I went through a lot of emotional clearing during this series which I feel was very important to their function and for my growth.  It’s a process and learning about the Chakra system is a step in that growth. r own gifts and talents.