To break the cycle of ‘not enoughness’ and self sabotage passing down to our future generations by healing 10 million hearts so that more people can experience deeper levels of love, inner peace and success.

What is

HeartHealingTM is a revolutionary integrative healing approach combining scientific, spiritual and energetic principles for deep and profound shifts.

Most methods in the transformational industry focus on the power of the mind, and whereas mind transformation can be powerful, we believe it is only one layer. HeartHealingTM focuses on the most radical and powerful transformation you can ever experience: healing your heart. Your heart holds the wisdom to what is really holding you back and reveals the hidden wounds your mind cannot see. According to quantum physics, the heart has an energetic frequency thousands of times stronger than the mind. So it makes sense that healing your heart may create a much bigger transformation than just healing your mind.

HeartHealing also imprints changes at a soul level through the incorporation of spiritual techniques and wisdom that were channeled from its pioneer, Natasha Bray, worldwide Success Mastery Coach and Master HeartHealer and Founder of the School of Healing Mastery. Natasha has a 15 year history in transforming lives and helping people overcome blocks, inner wounds and trauma that are holding them back and causing them to sabotage their success in life, love and career.

We have all had experiences that have impacted our heart, whether that’s a loss or trauma, feeling rejected or betrayed, judged, unsafe, not accepted, abandoned or not enough in some way. We learned to put walls up around our hearts to stop us ever feeling that pain so intensely again. But in doing so, we also created energetic blocks to receiving the unconditional love, success and abundance we truly desire and dream of.

HeartHealingTM is based on a relationship based model of success that is attachment and trauma informed. It metaphorically breaks down those walls built around your heart by unveiling and addressing the cycles of trauma and wounding passed down through families in as little as ONE hour. This approach unveils hidden blocks that mind-based techniques alone are unlikely to uncover and rapidly moves the client towards a sense of inner freedom through opening their heart to receiving more love, abundance, inner peace and success in their lives.

The goal is a sense of wholeness and freedom that impacts every area of the client’s life.

When the heart is opened and head and heart are truly aligned, success and transformation can happen much faster. 

Why I chose to add HeartHealing to my existing services.

HeartHealing is different. It heals wounds that are unseen, unheard and can seem unbearable. I am the perfect example of how HeartHealing can heal old energy that I would not have ever considered.

When I was young, my grandmother always told me I would be a lifelong learner. And it has been true. I am constantly taking a new class, teaching a class or exploring something new. During a HeartHealing session to heal wounds my parents imprinted me with money. I was shocked to find out that education and ignorance was the root cause of their poverty.

They took pride in the fact that they used ignorance to stay low to middle class, as if being intelligent was a curse. Their belief and what they instilled in their children was a belief that if you were educated and intelligent then you could not stay in poverty or middle class, you were just automatically rich. Somehow that was bad and it set you apart from them.
And since our ancestors were farmers and drunks that meant you could only hold that status, middle class at best. What a belief!

It all makes sense now that when I told my parents I was going to college that they kicked me out. Literally, they disowned me for several years. It always amazes me when you get to the core belief, how it comes to play in your life. Most of my life has been that middle class, working hard to make what I have.
In HeartHealing you can imprint what you desire, so I have imprinted some very powerful ideas that I know will catapult me to a whole new level of financial success. And I am ready to transform those old beliefs that they lived by. I will never again live in that energy, that unconscious belief and I thank myself everyday for being highly educated and intelligent. I don’t mind being an outlier of the family when it comes to education, intelligence and wealth. lol

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