We begin a Soulcation with a DNA healing, because healing from the inside out will transform your beliefs that keep you stuck. This is a part of soul remembering, finding significant times in your life or lives where you gave your power to something because giving up your power creates a belief. These deep realizations shift your energy so you can move into a deeper level of confidence, wisdom, truth and understanding, erasing the brain the fog. This transformation in your cells creates an openness allowing those brilliant ideas to come to fruition, because clarity becomes the pattern rather than confusion.
An astonishing experience in a Soulcation is when you connect with your real self, your soul self. The part of you that knows all wisdom, all truth and how to create the life you deserve so you can take actual action steps toward all your dreams and desires. I offer a unique way of connecting you to your essence, a way no one else is teaching.

Soulcations are highly personalized and orientated towards your desires, all channeled and created just for your soul ascension.

These are limited to 3 – 4 people at a time or less.

A 2-day event may look like this: Meditation, DNA healing, channeled messages, Akashic Remembering, Plant Essence journeying, Focused discussion and planning, intimate connections with your soul self, shoreline walks by the Missouri River and so much more.



discussion and planning






Essence journeying


Shoreline walks by the Missouri River




Intimate Connections with your soul self


And so much more.


All room and board, food and teaching are included in the costs.

Please contact me for a personal interview by sending an email to:


The price is $597.00