Soul Family Retreats


Soul Family Retreats are about creating, understanding and being the new you who lives on the new earth.  As we shift in our consciousness, we begin to remember who we are as energy beings.  Soul Family Retreats focus on you, where standing in your wisdom’s power, acting upon your truth and loving endlessly is your new norm.


Set Intention
Soul remembering meditation
~ The power of Silence
~The power of the Soul
~ The power of Words
Word mechanics
~ Channeling- Q & A


~ Morning Silent Meditation
~Power of Beliefs
~Plan to Be
~ Q&A/ Closing

Cost is $249.00 per person
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What people are saying about Soul Family Retreats!

Life changing, empowering, and magical! The Soul Family Retreat was a life changing experience for me. Angela knows who needs to be there with you for this journey in order to make you feel safe and loved the whole way through. She guides you through your own blocks & helps you release them. Angela doesn’t do it for you but helps you discover how to do it for yourself so you leave feeling empowered. She helped me see, feel and ultimately be the woman I was meant to be. – Jenna, MN


The Soul Family Retreat is transformational like nothing I have experienced before. I really came into my power and who I am, to the extend where I don’t forget it, even weeks after. This all happened in the circle of my re-discovered Soul Family, and with Angela’s loving and clear guidance. It was also deeply moving to see the other members of the group acknowledge who they really are and support them on their journey. If you are ready to truly step into the power of who you are, offer your support in weaving the new net of consciousness and elevation all over the world, as well as connect to some like-minded, loving people, this Retreat is for you. ~ Monica, SD.