The Akashic Records Classroom



The Akashic Records hold all the answers.

Every thought, word, emotion, belief, action and deed of your soul’s experience, it is all held inside the Akash.

And now through this Intensive and Intuitive Training you can learn how to access, uncover and expand your consciousness through the Akashic Records.

Here’s what you will experience:

Class 1

In this first workshop, you will learn how to access your own Akashic Record using two unique techniques.  


  • How to ask questions so you access aligned information
  • How to ascend, heal and release old patterns – heals DNA
  • Learn how to take action steps to align with your purpose and mission here on earth

Class 2

We will explore areas of your own Akash to gain further understanding and depth of the Akashi and how it relates to the Akashic Field.  This will give you a more holistic view of the Akash and how your decisions create your life.

  • Access multi dimensions and aspect of your soul that are off and on planet – the Quantum field

  • Learn about past lives and how they currently influence your life now

  • Learn about ancestral DNA and access ways to transform mutated and damaged DNA

Class 3

Learn how to access, read and understand the Akashic record of another person.  You will learn how to give Akashic consultations, and understand the Akashic field.

  • Access the vibrational key for someone else’s record
  • Learn to guide questions for others
  • How to deepen into the field to provide clear and accurate information for others
  • How to release old patterns and past life trauma for your clients

This class is designed to help you feel comfortable and confident giving lucrative Akashic Records readings to others!

Class 4

Live Q & Akashi Readings with Angela Blaha

Plus…Bonus DNA Activation!

As a bonus we will activate your Abundance DNA Codes. This activates your ability to flow with abundance which removes you from contrast and moves you into flowing with your natural birthright of abundance.

I enrolled in the Akashic Records Classroom because I was curious. As we continued through the classes, I realized I had concerns about the number of depressed people in my life.  It turned out I was meant to heal that depression through the Akash.

This class helped me to feel more confident in my own healing abilities and I understand my energy so much more.  I realized this as another option to use in my healing and other peoples’ healing.

The biggest benefits of taking this class were learning another way to align with my Divine Self, learning about my vibration and how to help others answer their spiritual questions with the art of asking questions.

I loved when Angela did a reading for us at the last class so I knew I was on the right path.  I would recommend this class to everyone who is curious, curious about themselves and their purpose.

Thank you for such an amazing experience!

Jo Ollman

Meet Angela…

Hi!  I’m Angela Blaha, your Ascension Mentor, and I am super excited you will be joining me for this expansive classroom experience.

If you are like me, I get tired of the same old mundane life and I desperately wanted not to just live, but to thrive. I knew there was more to my life, I knew I had much to learn about who I am, and I wanted to live with passion and a purpose that felt meaningful …….and I wanted it all.

So in 2015, I quantum jumped, I went on my first soul journey to Peru…..I had no idea what I was doing I just knew I had to go….sound familiar?

That trip literally changed my life. Before that trip, I was floundering….I didn’t really have a purpose, I was lonely, I was just going through the motions with no passion….I was just surviving.

When I came home from Peru, I was asked if I could take a few people there for an experience and the rest is history. Because of that return trip to Peru, my purpose was clear, I was to create expansive experiences where others could connect deeply with their soul self. It was the Akashic Records Mastery training that literally was the door opener for all the amazing experiences I have created.  

Peru taught me much about who I am, it taught me to move beyond my fears, to release from what I was taught (my belief) and to surrender to the real me.

I want you to experience your true self…not the one you dream or wish you could be.

I have learned that just surviving is not what YOU or I are here to do,
YOU are meant to THRIVE because you deserve it.


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