If you know me you know boredom has played a major role in my life. Life, for me, is so damn boring without shifts in consciousness. It is the aha moments and experiences that set me on fire. You may call it constant stimulation, but that isn’t true.

Stimulation is not the same as shifts in consciousness because stimulation is just a repeating pattern where the nervous system gets amped up about it. It has an imprint in it that activates the cortisol in the brain. This cortisol creates stimulation in the nervous system.

A shift in consciousness is a deep inner meaning where everything in your life changes, the way you think, feel and act changes because of this deep knowing creates curiosity and builds confidence. When the soul is bored of the repeating patterns of thoughts, emotions, actions it creates a heightened sense in you.

Most of the time we cannot put words to this heightened sense we can just feel it. Because there are no words, it creates a sense of not knowing, not understanding and when flipped creates boredom. This is a frequency issue, if we would change our frequency then the issue subsides.

The real question then becomes, where do I change my frequency to?

Boredom is a soul crisis that jumps you into something new or deeper. You know the old saying – you don’t know what you don’t know. This is the key to understanding the “deeper”. Frequency changes are not hard; you just have to have one word in order to make the shift.

Are you ready to jump into something deeper?

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