We have been dreaming of a world with more equality, more authenticity, more peace, more receiving. Oh and this new earth is not in 5D……….what?

It’s true the frequencies of 1D to 7D are just not gonna cut it. Actually, this has already been tried (think Atlantis) and it didn’t work. The equations for those Dimensions have already been corrupted and will not get humanity anywhere except for destruction.

So, the new earth will be created using 22nd dimensional frequencies which requires a new central sun and new star system. We will be aligning the Earth Gate in Peru to the new central sun.

There are a few things that will make your shift to the new consciousness easier. If you do not believe that everything is energy, frequencies and vibrations I highly suggest you do some research. In the new consciousness this is the only thing that exists. And to make the transformation, paying attention to your vibration is imperative.

Here are 3 things to focus on vibrationally.

  • Endocrine system – the new communication system. In the new frequency the endocrine system will be how we communicate. In the old system we believed we communicated with the Amygdala, not any more. We will be connecting and communicating with the carbon based body. This will help with deeper intuition and will create an even playing field with information and evolution.
  • Neutrinos – the new package of information. In the past we have used the telomeres to receive photon light to feed the body. In the new frequency this is too slow of a process so we will be using neutrinos to feed the body. Since neutrinos move faster than light the body will need a bit of time to make the transition so you can expect tiredness, confusion and a feeling of floating in the abyss.
  • The New Frequency – Assignments versus purpose. This is probably the biggest change to the way you view life. We no longer will have a life purpose, instead we will have assignments that will change frequently. Since we are using the entire body as a communication board it will be easier to understand intuition and will be more clear. No more guessing.

This is a little about the new earth, there is always more to come but just wanted to let you know how to get started in shifting.

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