This last weekend I went on a journey to see a person from the future. She was totally amazing and knew everything about herself.

I was filled with questions for her……but the one answer she gave that stood out above the rest was this.

She said in order for her to learn to listen, really listen to the Universe and herself she lived in the forests of the USA for 2 years. I thought….wow…..how can someone give up their entire life and live on the land for 2 years, without anyone with you, none of your personal items, just BE.

For her it was a direct knowing from her spirit, literally her spirit took everything away, cleared her career, family, gave her money, and all she needed and directed her to live in the forest until she could hear so well that there was never a doubt about her purpose ever again.

I am still mind blown!

I hear intuitively well, but I have never gotten such a straightforward direction for myself.

Have you?

Moving on….I went there because I was looking for an upgrade. And yes, I got an upgrade about what the future holds and all that is to come. Be on the lookout for some super important and amazing activity in the near future.

In the meantime here is what I suggest……if you want that kind of direction for yourself…..start with cleaning out the lymphatic system, then be in nature as much as possible.

  • Do your meditations in nature,
  • go for walks in the forest,
  • sit by trees,
  • swim in the water,
  • drink from a natural spring.

Anything that will allow the silence to enter your cells.