Soul Session

Soul Sessions ~ unearth the vibrational alignment of your soul that fills you with self-love, grace, compassion and freedom.   When you understand your soul’s desires and life purpose there is an inner wisdom that shines, making sense of life.

A Soul Session is very special as it is direct communication through the vibration of Source and you. Your soul is very wise and provides wisdom you may not know about due to perceptions, beliefs, emotions or thoughts you have. When Angela connects directly with your soul she delivers messages of thoughts, emotions, patterns, beliefs, programs, words and actions that you may not be able to recognize.  These paradigms may be keeping you from living the purposeful life you came to earth to live.

Messages do not predict the future as everyone involved in your future has free will to choose.  You may ask questions.  All sessions are confidential.

Soul Sessions may include messages from your soul, source, loved one & higher beings of light.  Sessions may also include energetic healing of the soul, mind and body.

“Thank you for giving of yourself and truly making others see their gifts. Thank you today for the read . I enjoyed it. It explains what is happening so that a person not sure of what is happening but knows life has changed can understand it.  Hugs!” Pamella


“I just wanted to thank you again. I feel so relieved to have some confirmation on some of my suspicions and to finally feel like I have some real direction, with how to help and nurture my children. Thank you so much.” Laura


The Soul’s Ascension Code Program

The Soul’s Ascension Code Program is a 12-month group program based on the Extraordinary 7 Powers of the Soul, a course in trusting your Soul. It is vital in the shifting of our consciousness that we have a guiding light to follow in our world and your soul is that light. The only way to shift your consciousness is to be the love essence you know you are. In a world of duality it can sometimes be difficult to know how to be the depths of your love.