I hear you!

I can empathize with your wounds……God knows I brought enough of them with me this lifetime. It’s been a lifetime of healing.

My Soul Purpose is to help you heal your wounds. 

I am asked so often, “why can’t I connect to my intuition?” or “What stops me from being deeply awake?” or “How can I deepen my intuition, I want to hear and see like you?”

All valid questions. Here is the answer……it’s your wounds.

The three things that need to take place in order for you to achieve your awakening and deepening intuition are the following:

  1. Healing your wounds
  2. Commitment to yourself
  3. Action based on Intuition

The biggest wound that stands in the way of being deeply connected is betrayal.

Betrayal of a Confidence from higher spirit that made you feel unsafe or angry.

Betrayal of Trust through abandonment of self and abandonment from others.

Betrayal of your Purpose, you not fulfilling your reason for being a human.

Betrayal of Passion, surviving rather than thriving.

Betrayal of Power, not following intuition and generally comes from witch wounds, sorceress wounds, fairy wounds, mystical wounds and God wounds.

In my life these have been my biggest wounds and I want to help you heal them. Because 2023 is a very powerful year, I know we have to be ready for it and healing these wounds is a must.

Here is what I have created for you.

Healing Soul Purpose Mentoring

All Intuitive mentoring for 1 month on Voxer with the focus of healing soul purpose wounds, so you can Thrive in 2023.

This offer will be completely guided by your soul (soul reading) for the entire month based on the questions you ask and how your soul will heal your wounds.

My Office hours are Monday – Thursday from 10am to 5 pm. You can ask as many questions as you need to and I will answer them during my office hours.

You have wanted to know your Divine Purpose, with the number 9 you will walk through the doorway to Cosmic Consciousness, an awakening to your higher self and to the alignment of all that is, was and ever will be.

Divine purpose reveals itself as you pass through this doorway, let me be your guide.