Trust is the new Normal!

If you are not trusting yourself and your Intuition then this is your sign to start.

Trusting who you are and what you are is prominent in 2023. Mastering your emotions, thoughts, actions and matching them to your desires is Self Mastery.

Self Mastery is your highest level of understanding YOU!

Here are 4 steps to mastering the self:

  1. Awareness – Now I have talked about being highly aware of all your thoughts, emotions and actions but have you ever considered just how much awareness it takes to be at the master level? Think about this – if we were to truly be a society that comminuted by thought – what would you be telling people?

  2. Choice – This is a huge one that will shift you or deny you. When you understand everything is a choice then you can shift rapidly by choosing truth or you can deny by aligning with lies.

  3. Decision – This is the most powerful of the steps because when you make a decision it is automatically followed by action. Self Mastery requires you to be focused and making a decision is the commitment needed while still remaining unattached.

  4. Manifestation – When you realize you are working in Mastery all decisions are aligned with the Natural world. This is the space of being in this world but not of this world. Complete alignment, living in truth, thriving and self fulfillment.

It is imperative if you are looking to become a part of the New World to master yourself this year. Soul Mentoring helps you do this.

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