What happens when the world changes and we start the cycle of a new beginning. In humanities past this question has always been answered with…..destruction is what happens. But, I am here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the pattern again this time.

Even though there are plenty of mongers out there wanting to create destruction, there are also plenty of us who want to work through the process as peacefully as possible. Riots, destruction and even death can happen…….when people feel the change their nervous system gets active and they fall back into old patterns.

We have so much cell memory in our DNA, these old patterns are hard to control.

Just know that the more you heal yourself the less reactive your nervous system will be so you can accept change more easily. Change is inevitable and it has to come so humans can grow and expand in their consciousness.

There will be major shifting happening as Pluto enters our cosmic field in March and if you are not ready it will shake, rattle and roll us into something new. How do you get ready?

Heal your trauma, wounds, soul wounds, rid yourself of all entities, imprints, aspects of 3D, implants and all energies contained within you that use the old system of domination and control.

Here are 2 ways to help yourself heal.

  1. Meditation and casting out of the above energies.
  2. Start connecting to the new world energies.

If you find yourself struggling I would be honored to help you in Soul Mentoring. Click here to get started!