Why am I here?
What am I supposed to do here?
What’s my real purpose?

All valid questions…..and the answers – or sometimes no answers –  can be very frustrating. We have these beliefs that drill into us to succeed, make money, be spiritual…..the list is endless. But then, we have this awakening along the way and all hell breaks loose.

Those questions become deeper, more meaningful, more plague-full, nagging and often make you feel desperate. Those questions make you doubt yourself, make you feel worthless and often cause loneliness. But, I encourage you to keep asking them.

What if the entire reason we – as humans – are here, is not what we think. What if our purpose is not for ourselves but for the conscious evolution of the Universe?

And we live on earth because we are the cells that help Earth evolve. Your own awareness, curiosity, ability to create a life you desire is what feeds the Earth ultimately feeding the Universe. How does this change your perception?

Your real purpose is to harmonize yourself. Not to swing or stay too long in highs or lows, rather to find harmony with the Universe. There is no struggle when you are in harmony.

Harmony becomes complicated when you add in the fact that we live in a Universe based on positives and negatives. Science and life teach us that we need both positives and negatives to create here. Having both positives and negatives in one place causes conflict because everything is measured from a variety of perspectives. This conflict of positives and negatives become tools of creation.

Think about your life, when have you used this tactic? I talk about my boredom frequently. This is my tool to alert me that I need to be creating something. It is my negative that creates a positive motivator to do. This inner conflict keeps me in harmony – when I am out of harmony – I am signaled/triggered by boredom, my inner memo to acknowledge that I have not been creating.

Conflict should not be used as a tool to fight for something, rather it should be a tool to find harmony. This is our biggest lesson!

We are currently at a crossroads in this lesson. In our past we have used conflict as a weapon, to kill, destroy, manipulate, and control. It has not served us well. If we continue down this path, we will find a way to destroy ourselves yet again.

The real reason you are here is to become the harmony. You do this by acknowledging that you are light, not to become light, you already possess it. By using your light (wisdom) to work through your shadows, to understand duality as a tool to manifest and create and not be afraid to enter a state of void, where you are Consciousness – the whole.

To reach this state of wholeness or Unity you have to void yourself of all dualities – positives and negatives. This is a state of freedom, void of everything that belongs to duality. I have experienced this state of being and it is very pleasant until you bump up against people and energy that lives in duality, that projection often pulls you back into duality.

To be in a process of constant evolution a society has to move along this path. We, as a human race, are not along this path. Sure, some of us try to harmonize with nature, the Universe but very few can maintain this status while living life.

If we used conflict as a tool to harmonize, we would constantly be asking ‘what next?’, questioning everything, critically thinking, and actually being aware of what is. However, for a world to expand and grow it has to have high conflict. Without high conflicts there is no growth.

Because we are not constantly questioning and being curious, the earth does not grow, slowing down the evolution of humanity and the Universe.

Here is my newest activation – Harmony.

Stay tuned, more to come next week….