Not sure about you, but 2023 cannot come fast enough. 2022 has played its part in the ending of cycles and now we are ramping up for creation in 2023.

The energy seems to come quick, bold and a bit early for the new year but here we are.

I have been mostly wrapping up my own cycles this year, which explains my absence, allowing the chaos to play out………no more need for partnerships, brick & mortar businesses, doing things the old way, the list seems to be endless.

What have you finished up, completed the cycle of or ended?

It is a very important question to ask yourself – a yearly review of all the endings is a must. So, do the thing and make a list of the cycles, patterns that you will no longer do in the future. If you spend enough time in this process, you will notice how your energy has changed and the need to stay in the old patterns isn’t even there anymore. It’s important you notice!

Again, this is an important part of creation, because creation cannot and will not happen if you are still revolving in your old ways, patterns, cycles and programming.

If you have been doing the work, learning how to end cycles, crisis care kind of things then you are well on your way to creation (which is what is being demanded of you in 2023). If you have not been doing the work, feeling stuck or just can’t muster up any energy to do it then check out my new library of courses on my webpage

There is no moving forward without the ending of things.

There are two lines of discipline for 2023 – the old way (which works for those who have not been doing the work) and the new way (which will work for those who have been doing the work).

As I’m sure most of you have been doing the work and most likely you have noticed that the old processes of manifestation, journaling, mantra’s, meditation, whatever you have been doing in the past just don’t seem to have as much power as they used to.

With that being said, manifestation is super easy these days and take zero time, but manifestation doesn’t work in creation/intervention energy. Leaving all your old practices behind and finding what works in creation can be super frustrating.

You can start moving into creation energy by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I truly authentic with who I came here to be?  Have I healed my purpose wound?
  2. What is my real purpose and am I willing to go bold enough for it to be seen and heard in the world of chaos?
  3. Is this creation sustainable, do I have the power and energy?

Asking yourself these questions will get you started for creation energy. I have many new business ideas that will be released in the coming months.

Here is a sneak peek……

Thriving movement podcast, classes, and retreats. Using dragon energy to burn our deepest pain as a human race – betrayal. Mastering the 5 Dragons of Thriving.

This is going to be an emotionally deep year, both of healing and living a very purposeful life.