Are you feeling the deprivation of feminine energy?

Are you feeling the deprivation of feminine energy?


I know this feminine wounded woman……I have been her for so long. There are many of us who feel so deprived. We have been surviving in the masculine energy and not thriving in our Goddess self. It’s been a lonely world trying to survive.

I remember being in high school and believing in the fairy tales of romance, love, travel, seeing and being a part of the world. Long story short that did not happen until I created my business. As I stood in my own power using my voice as an expression of my soul, everything changed. The longings for romantic travel, loving deeply and being in a world rich with connections became my reality when I listened to my Intuition.

Feminine energy teaches us that we are intuitive beings, are you using your intuition to the max?

My intuition is off the charts! I have always been intuitive but the deeper I release from my wounds the more intuitive I become. I love helping people using my intuition because it is never wrong. It is the one area in my life where I feel free, overwhelmingly confident and super connected.

I have spent a lifetime healing from my Mother wounds, the feeling of soul abandonment and recently betrayal of a past life.

Here are a few signs you have wounded feminine energy.

  1. Reject compliments or help. I was leading a retreat and we were getting off a boat, the crew, who were men, held their hands out to help us out of the boat. There were several women who did not accept their help. It was fascinating to watch.
  2. Over emotional. I don’t know anyone who says they want to be emotional. But when you stuff your emotions, hold them, repress them….then finally one day you just bust and the emotions just don’t stop. You feel embarrassed and repress them again until the next time.
  3. Form your opinions and base decisions on everyone else. This has never been a problem for me, and I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten the look or kick under the table from others (men and women) who want me to shut up. But, I see this all the time with clients.
  4. Ignore intuition. This is the wound of being judged, people thinking I’m crazy.
  5. People pleasing. Needing approval and praise. Our masculine dominated society loves this one.

Here are a few things you can do to heal your feminine wounds.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, we all have these wounds.

  1. Find time for introspection. Really understand who you are, what your wants and needs are and then create a plan to release your true self.
  2. Express yourself. Write, journal, draw, create a blog, write a letter, and burn it.
  3. Listen. Really listen to your intuition and act upon it.

It is time for the feminine to be seen and heard. We cannot survive any longer being repressed.


And I can promise you one thing……you will never be the same when you listen. Really listen to your higher self.

If you are ready to start listening to your feminine gifts of Intuition, I recommend starting with Akashic Records.

Here is the link to my Akashic Records Course
Are you feeling the excess of masculine energy?

Are you feeling the excess of masculine energy?


We have created a world based on doing, building, strategizing, goal setting and achieving, all good qualities to have. But we have focused on them so much that it is now almost detrimental to growth.

Being able to balance these qualities with more feminine qualities of intuition, wisdom, and love expression is the key to changing our past into our future.

Are you living too much in your masculine?

I have been. I was taught early on in my life to DO… order to survive in this world I had to overachieve. Do so much that I could succeed. It has been a very lonely world…..the doing portion of me has been successful but at what costs?

Here are a few signs that you have wounded masculine energy.

Doesn’t matter if you are a female or male, we all carry some level of wound. It’s in our DNA.

  1. You cannot sit still. Are you always needing to be doing something and feel guilty if you’re not? Having wounded masculine energy makes you feel like nothing is ever enough no matter how much you succeed. This most often manifests from childhood trauma, root chakra blockages of not feeling safe.
  2. You get easily triggered or angry. Do you have a high level of intensity and take things personally, pushing you over the edge frequently? This is a normal adaptation over your lifetime of always being masculine.
  3. Are you an over-doer? If you have lived in your masculine energy, you are always giving. Feminine energy receives, masculine energy gives. You can recognize it if someone gives you a compliment and you struggle to receive it and you feel like you immediately need to give something back. Do you struggle to ask for help – yep, masculine wound.
  4. Are you a chronic overthinker? Masculine energy is identified with logical thinking and doesn’t allow for a connection with your heart. Most of us fear our heart because of the emotions that are felt with it so we tend to jump into the logical mind.
  5. Your body is tense and rigid. When you repress the flow of energy your body will feel tight especially on one side or the other. This is the body holding your masculine wounds.
  6. Are you always planning for the past or future? Feminine energy lives in the present moment so if you are always thinking about the past or worried about the future you are repressing your feminine energy.

Everyone can heal from these wounds.

Here are a few things you can do to start your healing journey.

Females: practice feeling flow through your body, practice visualization, trust your intuition.

Males: practice grounding yourself, deepen your eye gaze, listen more intently.


I can promise you one thing. You will never be the same.

If you are ready to heal the masculine wound here is the link to sign up to my Soul Mentoring Program



Like all of you I am feeling a bit nostalgic this time of year. A bit more than normal…..why is that? Is it just because of our programming – every commercial, billboard, radio ad focuses on the holiday season – or is there something else?

If we look to astrology, there is a definite marking that happens as Jupiter turns direct in a new moon. These markings are said to be filled with new beginnings along with confidence and enthusiasm. When the Universe positions itself auspiciously we can feel relief. When we feel the emotional relief we open up to gratitude, happiness and joy.

It’s a great time to transcend those emotional wounds that you have been carrying with you for eons – you know the deep wounds that are most often beyond your human awareness. The ones that create deep life problems and you wonder……why?

Thank you for being here on Earth with me…..I truly love and adore you.

Now let’s enjoy the rest of 2022!

Wounds……why do we have so many?

Wounds……why do we have so many?


I have been on a mission this year to alchemize my deeper wounds…..the ones that literally stop me in my evolution. It has not been easy or fun, but it has been very transformative.

If you have known me for very long you know that my sole purpose here is to help others and myself through this shift in consciousness. I can see the shift and I can see it in you. Call it a gift or a curse – the fact remains that I can see. My friend Ruben in Peru calls me from time to time to ask me “seer” questions. According to him I am the best seer he has ever known….he loves it when I visit Peru for this reason.

Anyway, these wounds keep us from our evolution. They can be very painful to acknowledge and even more painful to accept and to heal them. The wounds that I know stop us from evolution are these:

Betrayal of a Confidence from a higher spirit that made you feel unsafe or angry.

Betrayal of Trust through abandonment of self and abandonment from others.

Betrayal of your Purpose, you not fulfilling your reason for being a human.

Betrayal of Passion, surviving rather than thriving.

Betrayal of Power, not following intuition and generally comes from witch wounds, sorceress wounds, fairy wounds, mystical wounds and God wounds.

I want to help you heal these wounds because we all deserve and need to heal them in order to shift consciousness. Your consciousness!

Why do we have so many wounds? Because you and I have been the goddess/god warriors, we create and destroy according to evolution. Human evolution!

So join me in healing these wounds, for your evolution’s sake. Click here to learn more.

11/11 Portal and its meaning

11/11 Portal and its meaning


On November 8 we experienced a full moon lunar eclipse, the second in this season of eclipses. As you know I love eclipses because of their power to make us shift either consciously or unconsciously.

There is always so much hype about the 11/11 Portal. Let’s explore.

11/11 is a symbol and you can read all the meanings on google if you want more information and there is a large variety of them. When I look into this 11/11 gateway or portal I honestly don’t see much. Many say this is a portal/gateway for spiritual growth, but I know you and I are always on a spiritual journey, it’s not just one day a year.

Now, like any symbol you can make it into something beyond the Universe or you can simply ignore it. Either way you will be on a spiritual growth no matter which you choose. Remember, what you focus on brings energy and your belief in this gateway will surely bring you what you desire.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. Since the eclipse, full moon and 11/11 gateway are so close together, there will be stirrings within you. You may be more emotional, have excessive brain fog, be very hard on yourself, maybe even ditch relationships and careers. Remember, you are safe in making changes and experiencing the shadows of life.

Afterall, it is the person you become after you move through these Universal energies that matters, even though the process is usually a bit difficult.

I can help you in moving through the rough patches and here is how…….

Healing Your Soul Purpose Mentoring program. 

All the details can be found by clicking here.

The Atrocities of Humanity

The Atrocities of Humanity


For the entire existence of human life on earth, humans have created chaos and atrocities. I know this sounds very doom and gloom but stay with me.

The atrocities that have been embedded into the human psyche over the eons have been strong, it was very clear as spirit showed me so many of them in France. For example: Mary Magdalene’s bones are scattered everywhere in France, there is a femur here and a finger there, literally she is scattered to pieces. The reason? So if someone were to steal her they could not steal the entire body……….wtf.

I was shocked! I felt so much sorrow, I literally cried the first 3 days of our trip.

Have we fallen so far from divinity that we would use an excuse as such? I suppose one could rationalize that it would make sense for everyone to be able to experience her remaining energy anywhere you live in France and all you had to do was visit your local church.

But I can tell you that her energy was not very powerful anywhere we went. In fact, I can say that I could not even feel her energy in France. Now you know that I can connect with energy and I will admit that I am pretty good at it. But, there was nothing, it was dead. Very little vibration anywhere.

The cave of Mary is completely covered in cement and is now a church rather than a cave….I felt so much grief here. But, as we were leaving I heard you have to release my dragons, spoken with so much love from Mary Magdalene, it was a powerful moment that transformed the sorrow and grief instantly.

Spirit showed me one atrocity after another always followed by an ask…..first the dragons, then the information on the Black Madonnas (who brought in the masculine energy) this was pure creation at its finest.

Then came the information on how to live according to your divine soul.

My purpose is to help others heal their soul purpose from all the atrocities and betrayal you have experienced in your life. All the hurt, anger and betrayal you have experienced in this life and other lives will be transformed through gentle meditation hypnosis, journal prompts, group activities and more.

Join me for Healing your Soul Purpose