No, this is where we are rising out of……much like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

There is a real identity crisis happening in the world.  

The crisis in consciousness based mostly on our relationships and career paths are highly affected right now in the conscious field.   So many of us are experiencing this deep level of separation and knowing change is imminent.  We have prepared for this.  But somehow there has always been something missing in our past and we are feeling it right now. 

Since Pluto entered the cosmic field there has been a strong feeling of death, all of which I have been warning about, but now that it is here……..well, it makes me feel a bit disturbed.  Like I really want to break down some beliefs about death and destruction of who we are and who we are becoming.  

This deeper sense of meaning and yearning for understanding transformation is what I feel is leading the way.  As we slowly break down our way of life, it is hard to recognize the new.  We have used domination and control for so long that it is so hard to recognize our direct connection to the natural world.  

The modern mind no longer embodies the mythical, numinous powers, archetypal ideas or sacredness.  Rather it tries to manipulate and control those powers.  This is the removal of all meaning and purpose and now we are seeking a deeper level.

The shift is upon us, feeling safe as we transform, looking to what kind of world we want to create should be the focus right now.  

Here are 3 ways to work together so transformation isn’t so hard.

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  2. Voxer Monthly Mentoring – https://angelablaha.thrivecart.com/soul-purpose-mentoring/
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