As you know I have returned from France. I went on a Black Madonna and Mary Magdalene tour with the most beautiful woman whose family has served the Magdalene lineage since she walked the earth.

I had such hope that this would be a very transformational experience but I experienced so much disappointment. Don’t get me wrong It was totally worth it, but my expectation had a different image of what would happen – this is self-sabotage at its finest.

What drew me to the trip were the Black Madonnas (wanting to know more about them), the gypsies (my father always told me I was a gypsy), and the dragon energy. Did you know there was a dragon that stood watch at the cave of Mary the entire time she lived and taught from there?

I had no idea until I saw, for the first time, a statue of Mary Magdalene and a dragon at her feet. I cried immensely as I have always had a dragon by my side and it was super powerful to know I wasn’t alone.

Do you have a dragon by your side?

My soul’s purpose on this exploration was to release the dragon’s from captivity as they were cast into an underground cave to protect them and to connect this energy with creation once again. It is the dragon energy, which means “all seeing” and is symbolized as divine will and empowerment. They harness the creation energies which we are moving into as a consciousness. They also hold all the powers of the elements. 2023 is filled with this energy and I will be bringing more of this to your awareness as time moves forward. (Look for the most expansive course I have ever created with this information.)

We can have experiences that are both disappointing and expansive at the same time. It is the perception of the ego that casts a vision that will (in my experience) always disappoint. When you follow your soul and be devoted to it you will never be disappointed because there is no ego involved. The vision of the dragons being free was so powerful!

When you have these kinds of experiences, be sure to

  1. Change the narrative and
  2. Look at the experience with a birds eye view, a 360 degree viewpoint, see all sides.

I could have just been miserable with disappointment but I kept asking, with every human atrocity my soul forced me to see, what is this purpose? More on all the atrocities next week. I listened deeply for an expansive answer – then I was directed to release the dragons. There were more atrocities but it was the divine presence of the dragons that kept me curious and intrigued. The 360 viewpoint never fails to change the narrative of the perception.

If you are ready for the next step in evolution click here to learn more.  Just know it is one of the deepest experience I have ever created.