Like all of you I am feeling a bit nostalgic this time of year. A bit more than normal…..why is that? Is it just because of our programming – every commercial, billboard, radio ad focuses on the holiday season – or is there something else?

If we look to astrology, there is a definite marking that happens as Jupiter turns direct in a new moon. These markings are said to be filled with new beginnings along with confidence and enthusiasm. When the Universe positions itself auspiciously we can feel relief. When we feel the emotional relief we open up to gratitude, happiness and joy.

It’s a great time to transcend those emotional wounds that you have been carrying with you for eons – you know the deep wounds that are most often beyond your human awareness. The ones that create deep life problems and you wonder……why?

Thank you for being here on Earth with me…..I truly love and adore you.

Now let’s enjoy the rest of 2022!