The last few years have really shown us how power works on a global scale.  And it is really very simple.  You inject fear into a society and then you tell them over and over exactly what the next step is.

Isn’t that easy?

Social power can be created in one statement.  And if you have very little personal authority, you follow along because you have nothing else.

Last week I talked about when we do not have any mystical experiences. All we do is repeat the pattern and this creates a crisis in consciousness.  Power uses this crisis by turning it into fear and hence the power becomes extreme.  

When you have personal authority meaning you know and trust yourself, this misuse of power is questioned because the numinous (godself) within you raises an eyebrow and asks WHY?  What is the real agenda here and then it trusts only itself for answers.

With AI becoming the tool to use to create more lies the only thing you will have to rely on for truth will be yourself.  Are you ready for this?

Trusting anything in the near future besides yourself will lead to more misuse and abuse of power.

My legacy to bring the power to YOU is the purpose of why I am here.  Having your own personal authority that you trust will be the only power available soon and it is my mission to make sure this happens.  

How do you unlock your Power?

The S.O.U.L. Method™

S.oul Discovery
O.vercome the block
U.nlock the Power
L.ive a soul aligned life

7 Powers of the Soul

A journey to self-empowerment for a more joyful, confident, and authentic life.

You know deep within you there has been a calling…….but maybe you just didn’t know how to take the first step.  Out of fear, or repression, or pain you silenced that part of you.  But, part of living an authentic, happy and confident life is accepting all parts of you, including the Numinous.  

It is time for your powerful soul to be seen by you.  

Because we cannot avoid the crisis in consciousness any longer. Knowing your spirit and being dedicated to her is how the world will shift.

This is a 14 weeks of highly supported group container with mind blowing weekly pre-recorded modules (released every Friday so you can work at your own pace).
Weekly live Q & A support to heal each soul wound so you can bring forth the power.

Each of the powers has a dedicated 2 weeks of deep healing and action taking to create rapid and radical shifts in you.

Are you Ready?