We are a culture of human beings who are bored with the current status quo. This makes us very vulnerable to addictions and our world is at a crisis point. When a society has limited itself so much there is a deep yearning to dig deeper into consciousness. This yearning can become an escape into drug addiction, sex addiction, exercise addiction, food addictions, etc. which we see everywhere in human culture today.

The limiting of the experience in the Numinous creates a crisis in the conscious field. This crisis is then played out in what humans know as addictions.

Experiences in mystical, existential, paranormal, spiritual, numinous, supernatural, metaphysical, etc. brings a sense of awe and wonder to the person. It makes you feel like there is more, it keeps hope alive, and it pushes you to use critical thinking skills. When these spirit oriented experiences are repressed in a society it closes the mind, keeps it repeating in abusive and addictive patterns and becomes very harmful.

When you have Numinous experiences it provides a sense of awe and wonder that can open portals to other realms of consciousness. When this is oppressed it creates a crisis in your ability to wonder about all things unseen and unheard. This deprives you of growth and expansion. In a social world, in order to break free from these oppressive beliefs and actions it requires a deep disruption in life.

I believe and can see this disruption coming.

Seeking mystical experiences will help you understand a larger viewpoint and it will help you move through disruptions that most likely will be hard.

My recommendations to you is to

  1. know your spirit.
  2. seek out mystical experiences.
  3. know your spirit.

Part of my Legacy is to lead you into understanding how to unlock the 7 Powers: The S.O.U.L. Method™

S.oul Discovery
O.vercome the block
U.nlock the Power
L.ive a soul aligned life

7 Powers of the Soul

A journey to self-empowerment for a more joyful, confident, and authentic life.

You know deep within you that your yearning for the mystical has been calling you…….but maybe you just didn’t know how to take the first step. Out of fear, or repression, or pain you silenced that part of you. But, part of living an authentic, happy and confident life is accepting all parts of you, including the Numinous.

It is time for your numinous self, your powerful soul to be seen by you……..then the world.

Because we cannot avoid the crisis in consciousness any longer. Knowing your spirit and being dedicated to her is how the world will shift.

This is a 14 weeks of highly supported group container with mind blowing weekly pre-recorded modules (released every Friday so you can work at your own pace).
Weekly live Q & A support to heal each soul wound so you can bring forth the power.

Each of the powers has a dedicated 2 weeks of deep healing and action taking to create rapid and radical shifts in you.

Are you Ready?