For the entire existence of human life on earth, humans have created chaos and atrocities. I know this sounds very doom and gloom but stay with me.

The atrocities that have been embedded into the human psyche over the eons have been strong, it was very clear as spirit showed me so many of them in France. For example: Mary Magdalene’s bones are scattered everywhere in France, there is a femur here and a finger there, literally she is scattered to pieces. The reason? So if someone were to steal her they could not steal the entire body……….wtf.

I was shocked! I felt so much sorrow, I literally cried the first 3 days of our trip.

Have we fallen so far from divinity that we would use an excuse as such? I suppose one could rationalize that it would make sense for everyone to be able to experience her remaining energy anywhere you live in France and all you had to do was visit your local church.

But I can tell you that her energy was not very powerful anywhere we went. In fact, I can say that I could not even feel her energy in France. Now you know that I can connect with energy and I will admit that I am pretty good at it. But, there was nothing, it was dead. Very little vibration anywhere.

The cave of Mary is completely covered in cement and is now a church rather than a cave….I felt so much grief here. But, as we were leaving I heard you have to release my dragons, spoken with so much love from Mary Magdalene, it was a powerful moment that transformed the sorrow and grief instantly.

Spirit showed me one atrocity after another always followed by an ask…..first the dragons, then the information on the Black Madonnas (who brought in the masculine energy) this was pure creation at its finest.

Then came the information on how to live according to your divine soul.

My purpose is to help others heal their soul purpose from all the atrocities and betrayal you have experienced in your life. All the hurt, anger and betrayal you have experienced in this life and other lives will be transformed through gentle meditation hypnosis, journal prompts, group activities and more.

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