On October 22nd, a Venus Cazimi takes place at 2:17 pm PT.

What is a Venus Cazimi?

It’s the most auspicious day for love, beauty and pleasure. Venus will be purified by the Sun on this day and it is known to gift you fresh insights, opportunities and possibilities. This purification will set you up well for the eclipse season which starts on Tuesday, October 25th.

I want to express to you just how much I love and appreciate you!

Here is a love poem from me to you with the intention that love leads the way for you in your life.

My beloved Soul

you are a beautiful thing

powerful and loving

known to man

yet not seen

Wandering through time

I hear your voice

dripping within me

Your purpose I will keep

fill my body with passion

and love

these are the keys

my beloved soul

~ Angela Blaha