When you run from your emotions, stuff them or completely deny them because you fear the feelings then you are creating more shadows in you.

Carl Jung led the way in discussing, explaining and encouraging us to explore our shadow. The parts of our psyche that we try hard to keep hidden. They are those repressed emotions, those traumatic experiences that we just want to forget and the personality traits that we don’t want to acknowledge.

Afterall, we just want to be God-like, to not have ill thoughts, bad experiences, be judged by others and most of all to be perfect. Whatever those things mean to me.

But, the more we repress the negative side of ourselves the more of it we create and soon we have limited our self-perception to almost nothing.

This plays right into what I talked about last week about negatives, positives and duality. Remember our soul purpose here is to become harmony. A tree doesn’t stop growing because it loses a branch in a storm, rather it grows a new root to stabilize itself more for the next storm.

You cannot manifest if you deny yourself your shadows. Because of duality you have to have both negatives and positives in order to create and manifest – it’s just how this world works. Until you make the unconscious conscious it will plague you and direct your life. It leads to limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, destructive behavior and ruined relationships.

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Because we are at a crossroads in evolution I want to help you with your shadows. They are not bad parts of you, they are simply contrasts and inner conflicts. When you make some type of meaning out of them they transform. It’s time to transform.

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