When you try to escape from the dark you create more shadows…..

When you try to escape from the dark you create more shadows…..


When you run from your emotions, stuff them or completely deny them because you fear the feelings then you are creating more shadows in you.

Carl Jung led the way in discussing, explaining and encouraging us to explore our shadow. The parts of our psyche that we try hard to keep hidden. They are those repressed emotions, those traumatic experiences that we just want to forget and the personality traits that we don’t want to acknowledge.

Afterall, we just want to be God-like, to not have ill thoughts, bad experiences, be judged by others and most of all to be perfect. Whatever those things mean to me.

But, the more we repress the negative side of ourselves the more of it we create and soon we have limited our self-perception to almost nothing.

This plays right into what I talked about last week about negatives, positives and duality. Remember our soul purpose here is to become harmony. A tree doesn’t stop growing because it loses a branch in a storm, rather it grows a new root to stabilize itself more for the next storm.

You cannot manifest if you deny yourself your shadows. Because of duality you have to have both negatives and positives in order to create and manifest – it’s just how this world works. Until you make the unconscious conscious it will plague you and direct your life. It leads to limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, destructive behavior and ruined relationships.

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Because we are at a crossroads in evolution I want to help you with your shadows. They are not bad parts of you, they are simply contrasts and inner conflicts. When you make some type of meaning out of them they transform. It’s time to transform.

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Wounds……why do we have so many?

Wounds……why do we have so many?


I have been on a mission this year to alchemize my deeper wounds…..the ones that literally stop me in my evolution. It has not been easy or fun, but it has been very transformative.

If you have known me for very long you know that my sole purpose here is to help others and myself through this shift in consciousness. I can see the shift and I can see it in you. Call it a gift or a curse – the fact remains that I can see. My friend Ruben in Peru calls me from time to time to ask me “seer” questions. According to him I am the best seer he has ever known….he loves it when I visit Peru for this reason.

Anyway, these wounds keep us from our evolution. They can be very painful to acknowledge and even more painful to accept and to heal them. The wounds that I know stop us from evolution are these:

Betrayal of a Confidence from a higher spirit that made you feel unsafe or angry.

Betrayal of Trust through abandonment of self and abandonment from others.

Betrayal of your Purpose, you not fulfilling your reason for being a human.

Betrayal of Passion, surviving rather than thriving.

Betrayal of Power, not following intuition and generally comes from witch wounds, sorceress wounds, fairy wounds, mystical wounds and God wounds.

I want to help you heal these wounds because we all deserve and need to heal them in order to shift consciousness. Your consciousness!

Why do we have so many wounds? Because you and I have been the goddess/god warriors, we create and destroy according to evolution. Human evolution!

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How does one stop these craving?

How does one stop these craving?


I am at the point in my life where a job is not fulfilling, creating a business involves a ton of marketing, many hours spent working endlessly towards a perceived idea of success and to accumulate money.  I sit in a small 10 X 10 room I call my office, this is where all the magic happens, creative workshops, mastermind thoughts, podcasts and meditations for others.

Yet, today and most days I crave for something more, something that involves deep experiences of growth and evolutionary downloads that will change the face of humanity.  It is this yearning that keeps me alive.

Today, like most days are spent trying to talk myself into greatness.  Hell, I have post it note after post it notes filled with inspiration, love quotes and motivation, all of which I would rather not read today, yet I read through them looking for the magic pill to take away these deep cravings for more.  Today, it dawned on me what my real craving is….to create life with people who desire the same experiences that I do.  To create life with deep emotions, deep expansion into the unknown and unseen.  Deep conversations that leave me wondering about everything and fill me up at the same time.

I know on a conscious level that I deserve, desire and try to create this everyday….yet the yearning for more never ends.  I constantly ask, Why?  Why do I yearn for more?  Why am I so inquisitive?  Why can’t I just be happy?  Yet, every cell in my body is screaming for something I just can’t fulfill.  I long for such pure conscious love that I ache with the thought of what that would be like, the vision of it sets me on fire and scares the heck out of me at the same time.

Every thought that runs rampant in my mind says you have everything you need and more….yet I ask what about desire.  Is it selfish to desire something different?  Is it outside the experience of this lifetime to desire everything this world has to offer and more?

Daily I ask, What is it I desire?  Who do I desire to be?  I see so many people sharing their strategies of how to be successful, how to break the boundaries of their thoughts, their emotions, their beliefs…..I even teach others to do the same.  Yet, today I am vulnerable to my own yearnings and desires.

My yearnings are so persistent and strong that sometimes I feel that my desire will swallow me up one day, never to be seen again within my own self.  Today seems to be one of those days where the tears stream down my face with no option of stopping.  No matter how I try to distract myself, I continue to feel the gentle tug of what else is possible to explore.  I also know that these kinds of days generally mean there is a breakthrough of some kind about to happen, yet, these days are hard on my psyche, on my emotions and on my confidence.

I want to create a life of amazing experiences with others, I want to create partnerships with people where competition does not exist.  I want to live everyday with so much expansion that when I lay my head down at night I am exhausted in all the accomplishments of the day.  I want to have such deep conversations about everything that I run out of questions to ask.

What I yearn for has nothing to do with material objects, they have everything to do with relationships of love…. deep, deep love.  I know at some level of this experience today I am tapping into a consciousness that exists within our human race and I know that some of you can relate and have similar yearnings.  So, my quest continues, how can we create this amazing life we dream of?

As a wise old soul once told me, we are not islands, we create consciousness together.  I am tired of the same old thing, I am tired of competition, I am tired of religion, politics, hate crimes, discrimination, material possession….the list goes on forever.  I am tired!

Again, I ask.  How can we create a life so full that we have no desires, no yearnings…. just bliss?  The answer comes in a form of a vision, simple be a magnet and allow spirit to come to you.  This way of being is in the current programming, yet I understand its function and dynamics.  My new craving is to be this magnet, to stop thinking and working so hard that I literally stop the flow.

The new form of question is to “Show me” – show me how to be the magnet and to relax within the new way of being.

AUTHOR:  Angela Blaha, Author, Mentor, Lover of Evolution.

How does one stop these craving?

Beliefs are more woo woo than ghosts


I assumed we had evolved beyond the ludicrous belief that we cannot connect with source, cannot feel, hear or see beyond the veil and into the perceived “woo woo” of spirit.  But, I was wrong as my latest radio interview still held the energy of disbelief in the self and the power of the soul. 

I teach about emotions, thought, beliefs and how they relate to intuition.  How our thought forms and belief patterns attach to the fear of our emotions and hold us from mental, emotional and spiritual growth.  In fact, I teach people to use Intuition as their thought form rather than the mind/ego because the mind is based in the past while intuition is based in present moment. 

During my last radio interview I was explaining to a man how his belief would not allow him to connect to a past loved one because he would not be able to hear the message. He was skeptical and said he did not believe I could talk to someone he lost a long time ago.  Everything I said he denied.  He left the conversation still in disbelief, as my words were not powerful enough to break down the belief system.  Yet it is not the connection to his deceased loved ones that were missing, rather it is his belief, which is attached to emotions of fear, guilt, forgiveness, and even love that holds back the connection. 

Listen to the interview, YES, Meditation is a Blue-Collar Thing, too!, here.

It is not my or your ability to connect to past loved ones, aliens, ghosts, spirit or even God that is “woo woo”.  Rather, it is our unspoken emotions, beliefs and mindless thoughts. 


We are programmed to ignore, stuff and hold on tight to our rigid patterns, making them unseen and unspoken.  This action creates unfounded and ludicrous beliefs, the direct definition of “woo”.

I believe in infinite possibilities, which allows me to expand the mind.  I use intuition as my thought form, constantly trusting my connection with my own soul.  In trusting and knowing myself from the inside out it is this evidence of wisdom, of knowing any truth which stops me from blindly following others with such “woo woo” belief systems.

I will trust my intuition, my connection to all that is, before I would trust any other unfounded fearfully based thought form.  I trust my soul and all of our wisdom.  I will not blindly follow any other belief just because they have been a cultural, familial or religious belief for eons.

Here are 3 question I ask myself to better know and understand my truth.

  1. Is this really my belief?  Or does it belong to society? To my family? To religion?
  2. What emotions are attached to this belief and are they really my emotions?  Do I really feel this way?
  3. What is my truth?  If this isn’t my belief, what is?

And so it is.

Why I have Kept Love at Arm Length!

Why I have Kept Love at Arm Length!


As I was gently reminded of how I keep love and people at an arm length, I decided to dive deep into the subject. This is not the first time I have been told this and I am consciously aware of how reserved I am at times

I can create many excuses for being reserved like being hurt in past relationships; people just don’t understand me, etc. But when I look deep within me I recognize that it is the depth of my own love that stops me from allowing people in.

If I define it even further, it is the depth of my love that even frightens me at times and as I ask myself why would love frighten me, the answer is very clear. If I were to allow my pure conscious love to be exposed it would be very intimidating as I know I carry much light. I have also experienced my intimidation factor with people, they always have a glazed look in their eye. When I am fully exposed with my love it can be too much for people and they shy away and I see the looks on their faces as if to say, “who are you”?

So, for this reason, I shy away from exposing my love, the depth of pure conscious love within me is very vast, strong, powerful and can be overwhelming. When I first began to channel “The Mothers” I experienced the overwhelming sense of pure conscious love. Their love was so strong it overwhelmed every cell in my body and I wondered if this is how people experience my pure love? I also wondered why I resisted receiving such an amazing strength of love, after all, this was the goal, to be pure conscious love.

There is a portion of me who remembers and understands pure love and yearns for it daily. There is also a portion of me who is afraid to embody all of it and most importantly to expose it. Again, I could use all the excuses for this fear based perception like divine timing, something needs to be healed, etc., yet I am fully conscious of fear and how it keeps me separated from my wisdom and truth.

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When I dive even deeper into the subject I notice the body begins to soften, as if to say, finally I have exposed my truth and I can release this shield of protection. Well, at least one layer of the shield. Love seems to have so many layers…..as with every thought and emotion it can be changed to fit your desires. So, I ask myself what is my desire? Do I desire to stay shielded with my love and the reception of love so that I hold myself back from experiences I desire to have?

As I take a deep breath and release I begin to have an inner dialogue.  The remembering thoughts of being hurt come through and the soul reminds the mind that that is only perception and perception can be changed. Logically I understand this, yet the mind does not want to let go as it is very difficult for me to experience hurt or the perception of hurt….then the soul says, do not allow yourself to see hurt as you have in the past. Rather see everything as an experience without right or wrong, love or fear, good or bad.

As I take another deep breath I settle into the knowingness of bringing the intenseness of pure Love to the earth.  I recognize this as a purpose and I choose to fulfill my purposes!

How does one stop these craving?

Why I bought into the belief of not being worthy


As I sat in church at a family funeral I wished I could change the words that I heard coming from the Priest’s mouth.

I’m not here to say the priest was wrong, after all he is simply repeating what he has been taught to say.

I wish I had distracted myself during the sermon so I would not have been reminded of how unworthy I am. I had been taught for many years to believe that I was not worthy, that I was a sinner who is unworthy of God’s love or other people’s love not to mention my own love. During some portion of the ceremony I heard this statement: “Even though we are unworthy to have you in our house God”…..Really?

At that moment I was grossly reminded of why I find myself feeling not worthy of my abilities to see, hear, smell and feel across the veil to the unseen. In that moment I witnessed myself in a totally different light. I became the witness of who I am with the understanding that I used to believe in that statement, in those words, that programming. That I was not worthy of God, even though in the next sentence I heard, we are to be like God. Such controversy, no wonder I have found myself stuck in my belief about who I am or why I am here?

This sort of tactic, creating such duality in the thinking which leads to beliefs about who we are as human beings keeps us in separation of what our soul knows as the truth. This is totally opposite of what I teach which is to know and understand that we are God, we are individuals within the oneness and that we are worthy of the grace, love and bliss of all that is.

It was again heart wrenching for me to sit in that pew and to be so cruelly reminded of the time when I bought into the belief of unworthiness. The mind programming week after week still remains in my cell memory as I witnessed the mind wanting to go back to that time when I viewed myself as unworthy of life, yet my soul stopped the memory. I found myself appalled by the words that drove home the essence of believing in such separation from own soul/spirit.

It has been awhile since my return from Peru and I was gently reminded upon my return that I was still playing at the edge of separation and today, during this church service I was again reminded of how easy it is to play on the edge of separation as the programming remains in cell memory. I thought about how I could stop playing on the edge, stop the belief patterns that hold me back from ascension. I began repeating to myself, no judgment only love. I repeated this mantra over and over.

Being aware when I am on the edge playing with the nonsense of not feeling worthy of pure love is the first, second and third step to overcoming, clearing and creating new beliefs. The fourth step is to believe that I am worthy of pure love/God. The final step is to BE pure love no matter what words are used to remind me of times past. Yet I question what the meaning of being really is? As days pasted from this experience I played with the idea of being – what could this possibly look like. I came to the conclusion that being has everything to do with receiving. I give love away, yet I am not very good at receiving. This is where the exploration begins.

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