Why I Need a God

Recently a friend asked me how he could support me this lifetime? This question took me by surprise as I have never had such a question posed to me.  It took me several days and his constant inquiry for me to answer.  I am a very independent person and I have a false...

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A Dimensional View of Consciousness

The word dimension refers to the density of space, points of energy which reside within a perceived point of view.  For example, in geometry first dimension is a singular point, second dimension is a plane, line or length, third dimension has volume and so on. In the...

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Why Am I Here?

I was lying in bed one morning wondering what the day would bring…..when the thought came over me, “Why am I here?” How many of you have been asking this very question? When I am amid transition/ascension, this question comes into my energy more than I care to...

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Ascension is the natural process of raising conscious awareness as the body ascends and soul consciousness descends.

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