On November 8 we experienced a full moon lunar eclipse, the second in this season of eclipses. As you know I love eclipses because of their power to make us shift either consciously or unconsciously.

There is always so much hype about the 11/11 Portal. Let’s explore.

11/11 is a symbol and you can read all the meanings on google if you want more information and there is a large variety of them. When I look into this 11/11 gateway or portal I honestly don’t see much. Many say this is a portal/gateway for spiritual growth, but I know you and I are always on a spiritual journey, it’s not just one day a year.

Now, like any symbol you can make it into something beyond the Universe or you can simply ignore it. Either way you will be on a spiritual growth no matter which you choose. Remember, what you focus on brings energy and your belief in this gateway will surely bring you what you desire.

Let’s look at the bigger picture. Since the eclipse, full moon and 11/11 gateway are so close together, there will be stirrings within you. You may be more emotional, have excessive brain fog, be very hard on yourself, maybe even ditch relationships and careers. Remember, you are safe in making changes and experiencing the shadows of life.

Afterall, it is the person you become after you move through these Universal energies that matters, even though the process is usually a bit difficult.

I can help you in moving through the rough patches and here is how…….

Healing Your Soul Purpose Mentoring program. 

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