The word dimension refers to the density of space, points of energy which reside within a perceived point of view.  For example, in geometry first dimension is a singular point, second dimension is a plane, line or length, third dimension has volume and so on.

In the spiritual world first dimension consist of the ego, one dimensional point of view or the separation of the ego and the soul.  In first dimension, the only truth belonged to the ego which saw only itself.

The second dimension brought in the body, two-dimensional point of view.  The physical reality plus the ego, all remained in separation.  The ego needed a place to be housed and the physical body became its host.  A mechanism (body) which held the mind (ego) and how it witnessed itself in a body which lived on a planet.

Third dimension is the acknowledgement of the soul or energy.  Since the mechanism (body) evolved into two components comprised of the ego(mind) and energy (soul).  This new perspective of volume consists of a planet which resides within a cosmos, the body which houses the ego and the soul all living and breathing within a third dimensional cosmos.

Fourth dimension is the playing out of separation.  The lifetimes we have spent experiencing avenues of separation, a sort of heaven versus hell theory.  Having many experiences of duality within oneself consisting of emotions, thoughts, beliefs and actions.  All playing a part in an experience so far from the center or zero point of balance with zero point of balance being pure consciousness/truth/wisdom/love.  A point of view where full acknowledgement that a soul exists and may not be totally contained with the human body.

Fifth dimension is the moving out of separation.  The body must ascend to a higher dimension for the soul to be more fully embodied.  The soul cannot descend as that would mean some other experience, in this reality the body must ascend (lighten) to move out of the belief systems and duality that have been created in separation, particularly life and death.

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Moving from unconsciousness (forgetting) with the ego’s one pointed view, to consciousness (remembering) having many points of view is the purpose of the evolution of the soul in the experience of truth.  The fifth dimension is a place of remembering yourself as creator energy, being able to create in present moment time as the soul leads the way. 

The acknowledgement of being a multi-dimensional being is an awareness in this energy of 5th dimension.  Being aware of your thought, emotions, beliefs and actions and understanding your responsibility as a soul having this experience, rather than the ego’s experience.  The ego had to be created in order for humanity to survive such a place so far from balance, it understood that it needed to focus on one point (one dimension) at a time in order to live, grow and respond to the conditions of separation and duality.  As we ascend the ego’s purpose is to unify with the soul which only knows multiple points of view or multi-dimensionality where there is no birth or death.

As we continue to grow and expand we explore more and more points of view or stages of consciousness.  Your belief systems determine your awareness to dimensions and consciousness.  If you have very limited belief systems your consciousness resides in the dimension where your belief resides.  So, for example, if you believe in heaven and hell, then you are probably limiting this experience to the 4th dimension.  If you believe in aliens, alternate worlds, etc. you are most likely experiencing 5th dimension and beyond where all possibilities reside.

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