I have been absent for a good portion of 2022….allowing my own chaos to simply play itself out. It has been a year to end cycles, everything from old desires, patterns, deaths of viruses and queens. A year for the evolutionary history of humanity.

I know I have done my fair share of ending cycles, patterns, partnerships, businesses, thoughts, desires that were not aligned, deep soul diving, seeing into the future, and admitting to myself of who I really am.

As you read this, I am in France to explore the energy of Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna’s. It has been on my list for over 3 years now and finally I will be embodying the Goddess who BIRTHED THE TRUTHS that created envy which formed the  BETRAYALS OF HUMANITY. (More on this later)

2023 will be an explosive year, personal growth will be the trend and more ending of cycles and patterns. Truth will be the most desired thing. Your own personal truth as well as humanities truth.

There is huge energy for creation/invention right now, use it to your advantage. The only things that must accompany this energy is authenticity, sustainability and support. Anything to do with supremacy is dead, capitalism and hierarchy will struggle in 2023. So, if you are engaged in those areas just know it will be a rough year for you.

Chaos has been the limelight for several years now, it has pit people against people, and I feel a giant shift in this energy is currently occurring. Truth is deeply desired by most humans now and this is the shift we have been waiting for.

With this shift in consciousness from chaos to truth comes new energy to create. This creation energy will not support a new avenue to an old creation. NO, NO, NOOOOOOOO

This is a new creation that will support you and help you master the 5 dragon energies. Because humanity has been so BETRAYED in the past these 5 elements are a must. They help you overcome any anger, hurt and betrayal that domination, control and manipulation has created.

The embodiment of the Goddesses of Truth is a beautiful tribute to this creation energy, and I will be bringing its wisdom to the forefront in 2023.

If you are feeling stuck, not sure if you’re ready for 2023 I highly suggest you check out all the classes in my Library, just click HERE. Being ready for this shift of consciousness is the best thing you can do for yourself and thriving in 2023. IT IS TIME!