How Accessing the Akash Unlocks Manifesting

How Accessing the Akash Unlocks Manifesting


Once I learned how to access my Akashic Records, my ability to manifest was instant. This was a game changer in my life as it was very clear to me how powerful you and I really are.

Over the years I have learned and experienced how every cell in my body holds the memories of my ancestors, my bloodlines and most importantly my soul’s memory.

Your Akashic Record is a field of consciousness inside you where every event, every word, every action, every emotion, every experience of your soul’s existence. And because you are a human being with DNA you also hold with in that field of consciousness your ancestral events and experience along with the emotions they experienced during those events. This is what makes being a human being sometimes confusing.

This intelligence is yours and unlocks all the intelligence to manifesting and creating your desires. Your access has never been nor ever will be denied to you, access is never blocked, yet very few of us have been taught how to access this information.

Within your own field of energy of the Akash is the purest form of balance and it is within this balance where manifesting is super powerful. It’s like you’re in the portal of abundance and the only thing to unlock is how to access it.

It is the one place within your energy field that bypasses all the emotions, so you never feel anxious or depressed. It only holds the essence of your purity, so you do not experience doubt, rather you experience your confidence and strength. You can trust everything within this field because it is only you, your soul self.

You experience the most profound connection because within your Akashic field there is only wisdom and alignment, a deeply profound connection of truth. When you are truly connected with your soul self you do not resist because your essence, your love takes over and holds you like a baby, cradling you so you feel extremely safe and truly loved.

Once you experience this deep connection you never want to leave because you are totally and completely clear about who you are and why you exist in this human form. You have no blocks to your wisdom and knowledge, there are no emotions or thought to deal with here. Most importantly when you are in this field without any perceptions, you are in your ultimate manifesting power.

Your Akash is your key of wholeness and when accessed you connect to everything. It is the one tool inside of you where you are safe to create without any human qualities or beliefs to stand in your way.

When you apply your wisdom, truth and essence to your life your ability to manifest your deep desires come true.


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Why Your Current Beliefs Actually Come From Your Past Life!

Why Your Current Beliefs Actually Come From Your Past Life!


Keep reading to learn how to use information gathered from remembering past lives!

A couple of years ago my entire goal was to obtain full remembrance.  I wanted to remember everything about who I am, about how did separation ever become a reality, what the truth is about humanity….the list was endless.

That year, I went to Peru for the first time and it was apparent Peru knew about my quest.  For the entire 14 days I was there, I remembered more about my past lives than any past life regression I ever had.  I remembered exactly the moment where separation took place, where the first human killing was and all the gruesome detail. I remembered how the belief systems took people over by imprinting into DNA, taking our creativity and our ability to remember who we really are.

In that one single trip, all my dreams came true.

My greatest learning from that experience was remembering my Mother who told me to be careful of what I ask for because it will come true….It was hard difficult leaving Peru knowing what I uncovered through my cell memory.  I had no idea what to do with all the information I had.

I learned many things about remembering during that trip but what I found to be most powerful is that those same belief systems that were put into place at separation are still imprinted into our DNA, in our cells, in all of our particles and not just in our physical bodies but in our mental and emotional bodies too.  Even though we are on this quest to shift the consciousness of humanity we cannot deny just how important the belief systems are in accessing any and all past life information.

All the information you believe is unobtainable without hypnosis, guides, angels, psychics, or anyone else outside of you is the same belief that keeps you separated.  The information you so desperately believe you want is within you – in your DNA, in your cells, in your thoughts, in our emotions….

As a hypnotherapist who used to use past life regressions in my work with others, I can tell you that it is very simple to tap into your past lives yourself.   I now teach people how to do it without any special tools, manipulative factors or other people.  You can think of this as an evolving process, first, you must request the information you seek and become very clear with what it is you are seeking.  Then, notice your emotions, the emotions will lead you to the beliefs that stop you from accessing all your past life information.  From there, you must release the beliefs.  Once you have mastered this, you will have access to all your past life info is at your fingertips.

You must look deep within yourself to make sure you are ready to remember the information and know that with great wisdom comes great responsibility.  To remember means that you bring the information into pure awareness so that you can use the wisdom of that memory in your current life rather than holding onto the trauma of the memory.

When you apply past life wisdom to your current life, you heal your DNA which releases you from the past so you can create your future free of any limitations, suffering or fear.

Why I Need a God

Why I Need a God


Recently a friend asked me how he could support me this lifetime?

This question took me by surprise as I have never had such a question posed to me.  It took me several days and his constant inquiry for me to answer.  I am a very independent person and I have a false belief that states I can do it all myself.  I really had to think about this quest, how can someone support me, this was such a foreign concept to my mind that I spent three days angsting over all the possibilities.

It was a great question yet I had no answer!

I am used to walking alone in this life and all of a sudden someone wants to support me?  What?  What would this mean, would I have to give up something to allow someone’s support?  My own continuous inquiry of this question was relentless and took my mind in so many different directions.

On the second day after breakfast, he again asked and said he needed an answer…I responded out of nowhere that I needed a teacher and a mentor.  I wondered where this request came from, but it made perfect sense as I have been looking for a teacher and mentor who could love me for who I am yet expand me beyond all dimensions.

The remainder of the day I thought about what this could possibly mean….it has been a dream of mine to find a mentor who understands me, sees me and could help me break all illusions.  I kept thinking that I had finally found someone who could fulfill this role…or did I?  This kept roaming around in my mind and then I heard a bold voice say, why didn’t you just ask for a God, that is what you are really looking for.

What?  Geeze…. where does this stuff come from, I wondered?  A God, I asked?  A vision flashed through my mind of a time when we were creator Gods right alongside of the one and only God.  Then my ego came in and disrupted the beautiful sight and feeling of a love so pure and light that it brought tears to my eyes, and I heard, like anyone can fulfill that role!

The next morning I told my friend I really needed a God….his expression surprised me and he commented with, “finally!”  We did not speak of it again.

Much to my surprise, this quest was not focused outside of myself.  Rather, I spent the rest of the day daydreaming about what it would be like to be free from this shell of a human body as that is my representation of what being God means.  No constraints of language, or energy form, or food, or water, or anything.  Just pure freedom, capable of deep experiences of love and peace yet incapable of experiencing lack.

I know at a conscious level I deserve to be loved and I deserve to love …..all at the level of which I desire.  Even though I live in a world of duality I should not have to experience the duality if I choose, after all this is humanities free will.  If I choose not to experience duality and the illusion that I am separate from my Godself then I deserve a God.  I laughed to myself as if that could even be a possibility in this so-called reality and wondered what I really meant by I deserve a God?

I wondered what life would be like if I experienced myself without holding anything back: freedom, deep love, peace, joy…….the emotions kept coming alongside the tears. There was a deep understanding in every single cell of my existence that the God I seek resides within me, because only I can fulfill such a wish.

My connection with my Godself is my one truth of all the worlds.  I need my god self because I am the one true person who knows me, sees me and understands me.  Only my connection with myself can fulfill why I need a God, because once I have that, I am connected with God, whole in God and one with God!

How does one stop these craving?

How does one stop these craving?


I am at the point in my life where a job is not fulfilling, creating a business involves a ton of marketing, many hours spent working endlessly towards a perceived idea of success and to accumulate money.  I sit in a small 10 X 10 room I call my office, this is where all the magic happens, creative workshops, mastermind thoughts, podcasts and meditations for others.

Yet, today and most days I crave for something more, something that involves deep experiences of growth and evolutionary downloads that will change the face of humanity.  It is this yearning that keeps me alive.

Today, like most days are spent trying to talk myself into greatness.  Hell, I have post it note after post it notes filled with inspiration, love quotes and motivation, all of which I would rather not read today, yet I read through them looking for the magic pill to take away these deep cravings for more.  Today, it dawned on me what my real craving is….to create life with people who desire the same experiences that I do.  To create life with deep emotions, deep expansion into the unknown and unseen.  Deep conversations that leave me wondering about everything and fill me up at the same time.

I know on a conscious level that I deserve, desire and try to create this everyday….yet the yearning for more never ends.  I constantly ask, Why?  Why do I yearn for more?  Why am I so inquisitive?  Why can’t I just be happy?  Yet, every cell in my body is screaming for something I just can’t fulfill.  I long for such pure conscious love that I ache with the thought of what that would be like, the vision of it sets me on fire and scares the heck out of me at the same time.

Every thought that runs rampant in my mind says you have everything you need and more….yet I ask what about desire.  Is it selfish to desire something different?  Is it outside the experience of this lifetime to desire everything this world has to offer and more?

Daily I ask, What is it I desire?  Who do I desire to be?  I see so many people sharing their strategies of how to be successful, how to break the boundaries of their thoughts, their emotions, their beliefs…..I even teach others to do the same.  Yet, today I am vulnerable to my own yearnings and desires.

My yearnings are so persistent and strong that sometimes I feel that my desire will swallow me up one day, never to be seen again within my own self.  Today seems to be one of those days where the tears stream down my face with no option of stopping.  No matter how I try to distract myself, I continue to feel the gentle tug of what else is possible to explore.  I also know that these kinds of days generally mean there is a breakthrough of some kind about to happen, yet, these days are hard on my psyche, on my emotions and on my confidence.

I want to create a life of amazing experiences with others, I want to create partnerships with people where competition does not exist.  I want to live everyday with so much expansion that when I lay my head down at night I am exhausted in all the accomplishments of the day.  I want to have such deep conversations about everything that I run out of questions to ask.

What I yearn for has nothing to do with material objects, they have everything to do with relationships of love…. deep, deep love.  I know at some level of this experience today I am tapping into a consciousness that exists within our human race and I know that some of you can relate and have similar yearnings.  So, my quest continues, how can we create this amazing life we dream of?

As a wise old soul once told me, we are not islands, we create consciousness together.  I am tired of the same old thing, I am tired of competition, I am tired of religion, politics, hate crimes, discrimination, material possession….the list goes on forever.  I am tired!

Again, I ask.  How can we create a life so full that we have no desires, no yearnings…. just bliss?  The answer comes in a form of a vision, simple be a magnet and allow spirit to come to you.  This way of being is in the current programming, yet I understand its function and dynamics.  My new craving is to be this magnet, to stop thinking and working so hard that I literally stop the flow.

The new form of question is to “Show me” – show me how to be the magnet and to relax within the new way of being.

AUTHOR:  Angela Blaha, Author, Mentor, Lover of Evolution.

How does one stop these craving?

5 Questions to ask your Intuition


Let’s begin by asking “What is intuition”? According to the online Cambridge dictionary, intuition is an ability to understand or know something without needing to think about it or use reason to discover it, or a feeling that shows this ability.

Intuition is our internal knowing, our internal wisdom.  It is the bridge between our conscious and our unconscious and it is the bridge between our mind and our natural instincts of wisdom.  You may find that you do not share the same wisdom as other, this is because it is found within you and is directed by your unique beingness.  By allowing intuition and your internal wisdom to guide you, you harness the ability to tap into and embody the essence of your soul.

In attempting to understand intuition, it is equally important to understand how the mind works. The mind is based in past information, what we consider memory – past experiences that attach to emotions, belief patterns, thoughts, stories, etc..  These emotions, thoughts, beliefs and patterns stay in our minds experience through imprints until we need that information again.  When we begin to feel stuck in life, it is because of this reason. We feel stuck because we are pulling from past experiences and past information.  We get stuck in the story, we get stuck in the belief patterns.  We feel hopeless, anxious and unclear of our purpose.

Living intuitively is living in present moment time, with each new experience you allow yourself to discover new emotions, new thoughts and new beliefs while simultaneously letting go of your previous patterns and expectations.

To use this concept in every-day life is to teach yourself to live in present moment time and to follow your inner knowing, inner guidance and inner wisdom to help you open up to new experiences.

Why?  Because past information, past beliefs and past emotions do not always guide us in the direction we desire to explore in this present moment.  To step further into allowing your intuition to guide you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I believe right now?
  • Is this my truth?
  • If I make this decision, is this what I want to create in my life right now?
  • Is this who I am right now?
  • If I make this choice how will I be different?

Ask questions that need answers in the present moment.  This will help you retrain your mind to live in the present moment where decisions are made instead of relying on old information based on previous experiences.

Living intuitively is about being in your present experience and asking soul piercing questions that move you into creating new experiential moments in order to transform old patterns and paradigms.  Living intuitively allows you to stand in your truth and power and it allows you to be confident in your wisdom and being in flow with who you are.

You can learn more about Intuition at a Soul Family Retreat.  To find the nearest retreat to you click here!

Author:  Angela Blaha, CEO – With over two decades of helping people make positive life changes, Angela is an Intuitive, transformational teacher, mentor, speaker and author. She is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles through their life journey.

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