As a human race we have a tendency to only see one way. Usually this vision comes from our past experience (old patterns, programming, cycles). In order for the beginning stages of creation to happen you have to change these narratives (also known as beliefs) you have.

There is no way around this part of shifting consciousness!

For example: The recent hurricane in Florida was said to create vast devastation and destruction. What if……as a master of creation your focus was not on devastation of physical material but devastation of old beliefs, patterns, cycles? Can you imagine the benefits of changing the narrative for all weather and storms?

Changing the narrative for a hurricane allows for support of the natural world, something we have not used for many eons. Humans used to rely on the support of the natural world then we were seen as witches, alchemists and magicians. A real human atrocity was created with these lies and the truth being that we are creators here in a physical form whose power is unstoppable.

To sum it all up, shifting consciousness is easy…. start with changing the narrative. Stop those ugly repeating patterns, programs and become the real you, super powerful and full of curiosity and wonder.

Step 1 to becoming a creator – change the narrative.

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