Are you bored with the same ole….great time to release and you are now powerful if you align with the moon…

If you know who you are, then you know that you either flow or resist the energy of the moon and it really has nothing to do if the moon is full or nonexistent.  Either way, it is always still there with as much power or as little power that you give it.

What if every minute of every day is the perfect opportunity to release whatever is plaguing you, not just the new moon?

What if every minute of every day is the perfect opportunity to manifest everything you want, dream and desire, rather than waiting for days to perform some ritual?

If you believe that we are all one (which I prefer to refer to as wholeness) because oneness really doesn’t exist, then aren’t you already the moon?  And if everything is one, what is the purpose of resisting the moon energy any time of the year?

When you align to the Universe and beyond, resistance is no longer a thing and doing any ritual becomes a pleasure rather than a hardship.  You are already the moon, the universe, everything, so stop resisting yourself.

Aligning is simple and easy…..it’s all the beliefs, thoughts and emotions that make it hard.

Here are a few steps to open yourself up to alignment with all that is.

  1. Awareness – become very aware of what you believe – most likely this is the culprit that stops you from aligning.  The belief that you cannot align, when you already are aligned, you just have to change your belief.
  2. Be present – only speak in present moment time.  When your focus is in the moment you have zero resistance.  When you have zero resistance you can manifest everything…money, jobs, people, places….whatever your heart desires.
  3. Be grateful – grateful that you are alive and well….grateful that you now know how to align…grateful that you read this wisdom….grateful for changing your belief to truth……
  4. Receive – for most people this is the hardest thing to overcome.  Because we are not trained to receive, we resist.  When you are closed off to what you ask for, even though you think you want it, but you want it in a certain way, you will miss opportunities.  Be open to infinite possibilities.

So, no matter what retrograde, moon phase, cosmic energy is hitting the planet.  Know who you are and what you resist, change the resistance to flow and viola – you are aligned.  Simple and easy!

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