What if sleep is just another level of undiscovered consciousness?

What if, while we sleep it’s the perfect opportunity for the soul to speak to us, but rather than speaking in English it speaks in metaphors that we call dreams?

Let’s face it, sleep is a mysterious thing and I’ve been exploring the idea that sleep, like everything else, is simply a belief.  We believe that the body and the mind need sleep in order to replenish itself but what if it is another layer of consciousness that we are afraid to uncover?

In my dream the other night, It was very clear that my dream was a state of consciousness trying to tell me how to release from a karmic pattern.  For example, In the dream my name was the same, I looked the same, but my family was different culturally and the setting of the dream was different from my childhood.  What was similar were the problems the family had with addictive behaviors of the family I grew up in.

Without getting emotionally entangled with the dream I intentionally asked for clarity and purpose of the dream and how it related to my current life.  After all, there were too many synchronicities to ignore.  The answer was simple, stop picking families, situations and experiences of where I broke addictive cycles for others.

Now, the rational mind really wanted to place blame and guilt on the chaos of the dream, that this dream had nothing in common with my fault.  The ego really wanted me to emotionally dismiss the dream and chalk it up to a bad nightmare.

The soul was very clear that it was my highest consciousness and I was to pay attention.

The big picture of the dream was telling me to make changes to my life, to make a conscious decision about what I really wanted in my life.  A sort of conscious teaching that was very clear of how simple it was to make the changes I need in my life so that I stop allowing and following the trails of addiction.  Of course, when I awoke, I started to observe where I have addictive qualities and all I needed to do was to have conscious awareness and make decisions based on what I want the outcome of this life to be.

So, what does the soul do when the body sleeps?  It gathers information, brings it to us in a metaphor because it is easier to bypass the ego in a metaphor than it is to face the issue.  The soul travels, most likely to a simultaneous or past life and brings in comparisons to explore, but most of the time we get so caught up in the drama of the dream that we completely miss the message.

Like all states of consciousness, sleeping consciousness is multidimensional and the soul is always working to help us remember and to align with our mission and essence.  So, explore your dreams more… the soul is talking, are you listening?

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