Keep reading to learn how to use information gathered from remembering past lives!

A couple of years ago my entire goal was to obtain full remembrance.  I wanted to remember everything about who I am, about how did separation ever become a reality, what the truth is about humanity….the list was endless.

That year, I went to Peru for the first time and it was apparent Peru knew about my quest.  For the entire 14 days I was there, I remembered more about my past lives than any past life regression I ever had.  I remembered exactly the moment where separation took place, where the first human killing was and all the gruesome detail. I remembered how the belief systems took people over by imprinting into DNA, taking our creativity and our ability to remember who we really are.

In that one single trip, all my dreams came true.

My greatest learning from that experience was remembering my Mother who told me to be careful of what I ask for because it will come true….It was hard difficult leaving Peru knowing what I uncovered through my cell memory.  I had no idea what to do with all the information I had.

I learned many things about remembering during that trip but what I found to be most powerful is that those same belief systems that were put into place at separation are still imprinted into our DNA, in our cells, in all of our particles and not just in our physical bodies but in our mental and emotional bodies too.  Even though we are on this quest to shift the consciousness of humanity we cannot deny just how important the belief systems are in accessing any and all past life information.

All the information you believe is unobtainable without hypnosis, guides, angels, psychics, or anyone else outside of you is the same belief that keeps you separated.  The information you so desperately believe you want is within you – in your DNA, in your cells, in your thoughts, in our emotions….

As a hypnotherapist who used to use past life regressions in my work with others, I can tell you that it is very simple to tap into your past lives yourself.   I now teach people how to do it without any special tools, manipulative factors or other people.  You can think of this as an evolving process, first, you must request the information you seek and become very clear with what it is you are seeking.  Then, notice your emotions, the emotions will lead you to the beliefs that stop you from accessing all your past life information.  From there, you must release the beliefs.  Once you have mastered this, you will have access to all your past life info is at your fingertips.

You must look deep within yourself to make sure you are ready to remember the information and know that with great wisdom comes great responsibility.  To remember means that you bring the information into pure awareness so that you can use the wisdom of that memory in your current life rather than holding onto the trauma of the memory.

When you apply past life wisdom to your current life, you heal your DNA which releases you from the past so you can create your future free of any limitations, suffering or fear.