I have been on a mission this year to alchemize my deeper wounds…..the ones that literally stop me in my evolution. It has not been easy or fun, but it has been very transformative.

If you have known me for very long you know that my sole purpose here is to help others and myself through this shift in consciousness. I can see the shift and I can see it in you. Call it a gift or a curse – the fact remains that I can see. My friend Ruben in Peru calls me from time to time to ask me “seer” questions. According to him I am the best seer he has ever known….he loves it when I visit Peru for this reason.

Anyway, these wounds keep us from our evolution. They can be very painful to acknowledge and even more painful to accept and to heal them. The wounds that I know stop us from evolution are these:

Betrayal of a Confidence from a higher spirit that made you feel unsafe or angry.

Betrayal of Trust through abandonment of self and abandonment from others.

Betrayal of your Purpose, you not fulfilling your reason for being a human.

Betrayal of Passion, surviving rather than thriving.

Betrayal of Power, not following intuition and generally comes from witch wounds, sorceress wounds, fairy wounds, mystical wounds and God wounds.

I want to help you heal these wounds because we all deserve and need to heal them in order to shift consciousness. Your consciousness!

Why do we have so many wounds? Because you and I have been the goddess/god warriors, we create and destroy according to evolution. Human evolution!

So join me in healing these wounds, for your evolution’s sake. Click here to learn more.