Let’s begin by asking “What is intuition”? According to the online Cambridge dictionary, intuition is an ability to understand or know something without needing to think about it or use reason to discover it, or a feeling that shows this ability.

Intuition is our internal knowing, our internal wisdom.  It is the bridge between our conscious and our unconscious and it is the bridge between our mind and our natural instincts of wisdom.  You may find that you do not share the same wisdom as other, this is because it is found within you and is directed by your unique beingness.  By allowing intuition and your internal wisdom to guide you, you harness the ability to tap into and embody the essence of your soul.

In attempting to understand intuition, it is equally important to understand how the mind works. The mind is based in past information, what we consider memory – past experiences that attach to emotions, belief patterns, thoughts, stories, etc..  These emotions, thoughts, beliefs and patterns stay in our minds experience through imprints until we need that information again.  When we begin to feel stuck in life, it is because of this reason. We feel stuck because we are pulling from past experiences and past information.  We get stuck in the story, we get stuck in the belief patterns.  We feel hopeless, anxious and unclear of our purpose.

Living intuitively is living in present moment time, with each new experience you allow yourself to discover new emotions, new thoughts and new beliefs while simultaneously letting go of your previous patterns and expectations.

To use this concept in every-day life is to teach yourself to live in present moment time and to follow your inner knowing, inner guidance and inner wisdom to help you open up to new experiences.

Why?  Because past information, past beliefs and past emotions do not always guide us in the direction we desire to explore in this present moment.  To step further into allowing your intuition to guide you, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What do I believe right now?
  • Is this my truth?
  • If I make this decision, is this what I want to create in my life right now?
  • Is this who I am right now?
  • If I make this choice how will I be different?

Ask questions that need answers in the present moment.  This will help you retrain your mind to live in the present moment where decisions are made instead of relying on old information based on previous experiences.

Living intuitively is about being in your present experience and asking soul piercing questions that move you into creating new experiential moments in order to transform old patterns and paradigms.  Living intuitively allows you to stand in your truth and power and it allows you to be confident in your wisdom and being in flow with who you are.

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Author:  Angela Blaha, CEO – With over two decades of helping people make positive life changes, Angela is an Intuitive, transformational teacher, mentor, speaker and author. She is passionate about helping people overcome obstacles through their life journey.

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