I know this feminine wounded woman……I have been her for so long. There are many of us who feel so deprived. We have been surviving in the masculine energy and not thriving in our Goddess self. It’s been a lonely world trying to survive.

I remember being in high school and believing in the fairy tales of romance, love, travel, seeing and being a part of the world. Long story short that did not happen until I created my business. As I stood in my own power using my voice as an expression of my soul, everything changed. The longings for romantic travel, loving deeply and being in a world rich with connections became my reality when I listened to my Intuition.

Feminine energy teaches us that we are intuitive beings, are you using your intuition to the max?

My intuition is off the charts! I have always been intuitive but the deeper I release from my wounds the more intuitive I become. I love helping people using my intuition because it is never wrong. It is the one area in my life where I feel free, overwhelmingly confident and super connected.

I have spent a lifetime healing from my Mother wounds, the feeling of soul abandonment and recently betrayal of a past life.

Here are a few signs you have wounded feminine energy.

  1. Reject compliments or help. I was leading a retreat and we were getting off a boat, the crew, who were men, held their hands out to help us out of the boat. There were several women who did not accept their help. It was fascinating to watch.
  2. Over emotional. I don’t know anyone who says they want to be emotional. But when you stuff your emotions, hold them, repress them….then finally one day you just bust and the emotions just don’t stop. You feel embarrassed and repress them again until the next time.
  3. Form your opinions and base decisions on everyone else. This has never been a problem for me, and I can’t tell you how many times I have gotten the look or kick under the table from others (men and women) who want me to shut up. But, I see this all the time with clients.
  4. Ignore intuition. This is the wound of being judged, people thinking I’m crazy.
  5. People pleasing. Needing approval and praise. Our masculine dominated society loves this one.

Here are a few things you can do to heal your feminine wounds.

And it doesn’t matter if you are a woman or a man, we all have these wounds.

  1. Find time for introspection. Really understand who you are, what your wants and needs are and then create a plan to release your true self.
  2. Express yourself. Write, journal, draw, create a blog, write a letter, and burn it.
  3. Listen. Really listen to your intuition and act upon it.

It is time for the feminine to be seen and heard. We cannot survive any longer being repressed.


And I can promise you one thing……you will never be the same when you listen. Really listen to your higher self.

If you are ready to start listening to your feminine gifts of Intuition, I recommend starting with Akashic Records.

Here is the link to my Akashic Records Course