Boredom is a spiritual and consciousness crisis.

Boredom is a spiritual and consciousness crisis.


If you know me you know boredom has played a major role in my life. Life, for me, is so damn boring without shifts in consciousness. It is the aha moments and experiences that set me on fire. You may call it constant stimulation, but that isn’t true.

Stimulation is not the same as shifts in consciousness because stimulation is just a repeating pattern where the nervous system gets amped up about it. It has an imprint in it that activates the cortisol in the brain. This cortisol creates stimulation in the nervous system.

A shift in consciousness is a deep inner meaning where everything in your life changes, the way you think, feel and act changes because of this deep knowing creates curiosity and builds confidence. When the soul is bored of the repeating patterns of thoughts, emotions, actions it creates a heightened sense in you.

Most of the time we cannot put words to this heightened sense we can just feel it. Because there are no words, it creates a sense of not knowing, not understanding and when flipped creates boredom. This is a frequency issue, if we would change our frequency then the issue subsides.

The real question then becomes, where do I change my frequency to?

Boredom is a soul crisis that jumps you into something new or deeper. You know the old saying – you don’t know what you don’t know. This is the key to understanding the “deeper”. Frequency changes are not hard; you just have to have one word in order to make the shift.

Are you ready to jump into something deeper?

Filled with New World concepts and ideas, new cellular blueprints, soul groups, assignments…..all the things.

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Are you willing to stand by your inner knowing?

Are you willing to stand by your inner knowing?


With so many false flags happening in our world, are you willing to stand by what you deeply know or are you jumping ship to join the others.

I have come up to this wall before. At the start of 2020, when the virus was spread, I went out on a limb and stated that this was man created and that we shouldn’t have fear about it. That we really needed to know our bodies and to direct the virus when it came knocking at our cellular door.

I was laughed at. People didn’t understand how to control the body or fear. Years later and I never left my inner knowing. I stood by it through the thick and the thin because it was intuitive and soulful information.

Here we are today and more of the same programs and fears are being used as weapons to destroy this inner knowing. All the propaganda of alien ships being shot down are pure distractions for the real atrocity of poisoning our world with the chemical burn in Ohio.

These false flags will become more and more prominent as we move into the year. Don’t be fooled, these are all just scare tactics and cover up for the real issue.

When you get intuitive information and it goes against the grain, stand by your inner knowing “no matter what”. Trust yourself!

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Are you one of the 9 percent?

Are you one of the 9 percent?


Can you believe that only 9% of people follow through with their New Year’s goals and desires.

If you took my Your Quantum Year course you know I pushed you to expand bigger, dream bigger, be bigger. When you expand more it is more probable that you would stick to your vision. Many times when our goals aren’t met, no matter when we start them, is because you are chasing bright shiny object syndrome.

When you chase the masses and try to measure yourself against this perspective, they don’t understand the secret. Here is why:

  • We set goals, create vision boards, and then don’t DO anything to fulfill them.
  • And a good portion of the pictures on your vision board aren’t really your desires anyway. Most of the time you don’t really know where you are in life, all you know is you want something different.

This is the recipe for disaster.

The real truth to being successful in manifesting desires and goals is to know where you are, recognize patterns, understand what frequency you are operating from. In other words, understand your patterns and how to break them, know what you desire and how to obtain it and create a steel trapped mind so doubt cannot creep in and create chaos.

If you do not understand who you are, the patterns you unconsciously repeat then failure is often the end result. Now, I can hear you say, I know who I am. I can tell you that if you have not “laid down” your parents and ancestors DNA, then you cannot answer this question.

What frequency do you resonate at?

Working your ass off will not create a goal. Knowing your foundation and the patterns that create the foundation is the answer. Being the bearer of your parents DNA will keep you revolving in the patterns of the past.

This is literally who I was. I would set goals, sacrifice myself to reach the goals, doing all the things………and yet…..always searching for more. When I figured out that no matter what I did or thought or felt I never seemed to go beyond. When I laid down my parents DNA, life changed.

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Self Mastery

Self Mastery


Trust is the new Normal!

If you are not trusting yourself and your Intuition then this is your sign to start.

Trusting who you are and what you are is prominent in 2023. Mastering your emotions, thoughts, actions and matching them to your desires is Self Mastery.

Self Mastery is your highest level of understanding YOU!

Here are 4 steps to mastering the self:

  1. Awareness – Now I have talked about being highly aware of all your thoughts, emotions and actions but have you ever considered just how much awareness it takes to be at the master level? Think about this – if we were to truly be a society that comminuted by thought – what would you be telling people?

  2. Choice – This is a huge one that will shift you or deny you. When you understand everything is a choice then you can shift rapidly by choosing truth or you can deny by aligning with lies.

  3. Decision – This is the most powerful of the steps because when you make a decision it is automatically followed by action. Self Mastery requires you to be focused and making a decision is the commitment needed while still remaining unattached.

  4. Manifestation – When you realize you are working in Mastery all decisions are aligned with the Natural world. This is the space of being in this world but not of this world. Complete alignment, living in truth, thriving and self fulfillment.

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Stirring a New Beginning

Stirring a New Beginning


What happens when the world changes and we start the cycle of a new beginning. In humanities past this question has always been answered with…..destruction is what happens. But, I am here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the pattern again this time.

Even though there are plenty of mongers out there wanting to create destruction, there are also plenty of us who want to work through the process as peacefully as possible. Riots, destruction and even death can happen…….when people feel the change their nervous system gets active and they fall back into old patterns.

We have so much cell memory in our DNA, these old patterns are hard to control.

Just know that the more you heal yourself the less reactive your nervous system will be so you can accept change more easily. Change is inevitable and it has to come so humans can grow and expand in their consciousness.

There will be major shifting happening as Pluto enters our cosmic field in March and if you are not ready it will shake, rattle and roll us into something new. How do you get ready?

Heal your trauma, wounds, soul wounds, rid yourself of all entities, imprints, aspects of 3D, implants and all energies contained within you that use the old system of domination and control.

Here are 2 ways to help yourself heal.

  1. Meditation and casting out of the above energies.
  2. Start connecting to the new world energies.

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