Once I learned how to access my Akashic Records, my ability to manifest was instant. This was a game changer in my life as it was very clear to me how powerful you and I really are.

Over the years I have learned and experienced how every cell in my body holds the memories of my ancestors, my bloodlines and most importantly my soul’s memory.

Your Akashic Record is a field of consciousness inside you where every event, every word, every action, every emotion, every experience of your soul’s existence. And because you are a human being with DNA you also hold with in that field of consciousness your ancestral events and experience along with the emotions they experienced during those events. This is what makes being a human being sometimes confusing.

This intelligence is yours and unlocks all the intelligence to manifesting and creating your desires. Your access has never been nor ever will be denied to you, access is never blocked, yet very few of us have been taught how to access this information.

Within your own field of energy of the Akash is the purest form of balance and it is within this balance where manifesting is super powerful. It’s like you’re in the portal of abundance and the only thing to unlock is how to access it.

It is the one place within your energy field that bypasses all the emotions, so you never feel anxious or depressed. It only holds the essence of your purity, so you do not experience doubt, rather you experience your confidence and strength. You can trust everything within this field because it is only you, your soul self.

You experience the most profound connection because within your Akashic field there is only wisdom and alignment, a deeply profound connection of truth. When you are truly connected with your soul self you do not resist because your essence, your love takes over and holds you like a baby, cradling you so you feel extremely safe and truly loved.

Once you experience this deep connection you never want to leave because you are totally and completely clear about who you are and why you exist in this human form. You have no blocks to your wisdom and knowledge, there are no emotions or thought to deal with here. Most importantly when you are in this field without any perceptions, you are in your ultimate manifesting power.

Your Akash is your key of wholeness and when accessed you connect to everything. It is the one tool inside of you where you are safe to create without any human qualities or beliefs to stand in your way.

When you apply your wisdom, truth and essence to your life your ability to manifest your deep desires come true.


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