Do you know how to manifest your wants, dreams and desires?  

I have been working with “The Mothers & Wisdom” to understand the Universal Laws in depth.  The Laws we are focusing on are: Universal Law of Attraction, Universal Law of Vibration & Universal Law of Resonance.

Do you know how to use the Law of Attraction to receive?

These laws can go deep into our souls expansion and growth.  The Universal Law of Attraction has been widely discussed and taught by Esther & Jerry Hicks with Abraham and from the book “The Secret”.  Both talk about how your desires create a frequency and emotions align which increases the force of the desire.

What the Law of Attraction does not tell you is how easy it is to use the Laws to defrag beliefs, emotions, patterns, thoughts, societal programming and paradigms.  It is these dominant beliefs that hold you back from using the Law of Attraction based on your relationship with your beliefs.

Figuring out your dominant beliefs is not easy, mainly because they are entangled with emotions, perceptions, family values, societal programming, etc.  Once you understand your dominant beliefs, it is simple to change them using the laws and understanding how vibration works.

There are 3 strategies in discovering dominant beliefs.
Awareness ~ being aware that  you have belief patterns that are blocking your dreams.  Do you have false beliefs?
Perception ~ do you tell yourself you can do something or is there doubt?
Avoid ~ judgment, regret, blame and shame.

Once the dominant beliefs are established, then starts the defraging process.

Are you ready to understand how to match your vibration to attract and receive?

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