How does one stop these craving?

How does one stop these craving?


I am at the point in my life where a job is not fulfilling, creating a business involves a ton of marketing, many hours spent working endlessly towards a perceived idea of success and to accumulate money.  I sit in a small 10 X 10 room I call my office, this is where all the magic happens, creative workshops, mastermind thoughts, podcasts and meditations for others.

Yet, today and most days I crave for something more, something that involves deep experiences of growth and evolutionary downloads that will change the face of humanity.  It is this yearning that keeps me alive.

Today, like most days are spent trying to talk myself into greatness.  Hell, I have post it note after post it notes filled with inspiration, love quotes and motivation, all of which I would rather not read today, yet I read through them looking for the magic pill to take away these deep cravings for more.  Today, it dawned on me what my real craving is….to create life with people who desire the same experiences that I do.  To create life with deep emotions, deep expansion into the unknown and unseen.  Deep conversations that leave me wondering about everything and fill me up at the same time.

I know on a conscious level that I deserve, desire and try to create this everyday….yet the yearning for more never ends.  I constantly ask, Why?  Why do I yearn for more?  Why am I so inquisitive?  Why can’t I just be happy?  Yet, every cell in my body is screaming for something I just can’t fulfill.  I long for such pure conscious love that I ache with the thought of what that would be like, the vision of it sets me on fire and scares the heck out of me at the same time.

Every thought that runs rampant in my mind says you have everything you need and more….yet I ask what about desire.  Is it selfish to desire something different?  Is it outside the experience of this lifetime to desire everything this world has to offer and more?

Daily I ask, What is it I desire?  Who do I desire to be?  I see so many people sharing their strategies of how to be successful, how to break the boundaries of their thoughts, their emotions, their beliefs…..I even teach others to do the same.  Yet, today I am vulnerable to my own yearnings and desires.

My yearnings are so persistent and strong that sometimes I feel that my desire will swallow me up one day, never to be seen again within my own self.  Today seems to be one of those days where the tears stream down my face with no option of stopping.  No matter how I try to distract myself, I continue to feel the gentle tug of what else is possible to explore.  I also know that these kinds of days generally mean there is a breakthrough of some kind about to happen, yet, these days are hard on my psyche, on my emotions and on my confidence.

I want to create a life of amazing experiences with others, I want to create partnerships with people where competition does not exist.  I want to live everyday with so much expansion that when I lay my head down at night I am exhausted in all the accomplishments of the day.  I want to have such deep conversations about everything that I run out of questions to ask.

What I yearn for has nothing to do with material objects, they have everything to do with relationships of love…. deep, deep love.  I know at some level of this experience today I am tapping into a consciousness that exists within our human race and I know that some of you can relate and have similar yearnings.  So, my quest continues, how can we create this amazing life we dream of?

As a wise old soul once told me, we are not islands, we create consciousness together.  I am tired of the same old thing, I am tired of competition, I am tired of religion, politics, hate crimes, discrimination, material possession….the list goes on forever.  I am tired!

Again, I ask.  How can we create a life so full that we have no desires, no yearnings…. just bliss?  The answer comes in a form of a vision, simple be a magnet and allow spirit to come to you.  This way of being is in the current programming, yet I understand its function and dynamics.  My new craving is to be this magnet, to stop thinking and working so hard that I literally stop the flow.

The new form of question is to “Show me” – show me how to be the magnet and to relax within the new way of being.

AUTHOR:  Angela Blaha, Author, Mentor, Lover of Evolution.

Why I have Kept Love at Arm Length!

Why I have Kept Love at Arm Length!


As I was gently reminded of how I keep love and people at an arm length, I decided to dive deep into the subject. This is not the first time I have been told this and I am consciously aware of how reserved I am at times

I can create many excuses for being reserved like being hurt in past relationships; people just don’t understand me, etc. But when I look deep within me I recognize that it is the depth of my own love that stops me from allowing people in.

If I define it even further, it is the depth of my love that even frightens me at times and as I ask myself why would love frighten me, the answer is very clear. If I were to allow my pure conscious love to be exposed it would be very intimidating as I know I carry much light. I have also experienced my intimidation factor with people, they always have a glazed look in their eye. When I am fully exposed with my love it can be too much for people and they shy away and I see the looks on their faces as if to say, “who are you”?

So, for this reason, I shy away from exposing my love, the depth of pure conscious love within me is very vast, strong, powerful and can be overwhelming. When I first began to channel “The Mothers” I experienced the overwhelming sense of pure conscious love. Their love was so strong it overwhelmed every cell in my body and I wondered if this is how people experience my pure love? I also wondered why I resisted receiving such an amazing strength of love, after all, this was the goal, to be pure conscious love.

There is a portion of me who remembers and understands pure love and yearns for it daily. There is also a portion of me who is afraid to embody all of it and most importantly to expose it. Again, I could use all the excuses for this fear based perception like divine timing, something needs to be healed, etc., yet I am fully conscious of fear and how it keeps me separated from my wisdom and truth.

(If you like this, you may like the podcast episode, The Abundant Love Project: The Stones that Blossomed into Love)

When I dive even deeper into the subject I notice the body begins to soften, as if to say, finally I have exposed my truth and I can release this shield of protection. Well, at least one layer of the shield. Love seems to have so many layers… with every thought and emotion it can be changed to fit your desires. So, I ask myself what is my desire? Do I desire to stay shielded with my love and the reception of love so that I hold myself back from experiences I desire to have?

As I take a deep breath and release I begin to have an inner dialogue.  The remembering thoughts of being hurt come through and the soul reminds the mind that that is only perception and perception can be changed. Logically I understand this, yet the mind does not want to let go as it is very difficult for me to experience hurt or the perception of hurt….then the soul says, do not allow yourself to see hurt as you have in the past. Rather see everything as an experience without right or wrong, love or fear, good or bad.

As I take another deep breath I settle into the knowingness of bringing the intenseness of pure Love to the earth.  I recognize this as a purpose and I choose to fulfill my purposes!

What is lack mentality?  continued

What is lack mentality? continued


Let’s continue our discussion of Lack Mentality. When I dig even deeper, I notice a sort of diversion happening within me, almost like I want to back up and not move forward. I ask what else can money offer? I hear luxury, however, I do not see luxury, instead I see blank space. I wonder what it is that I need to release or expand into, to see luxury. I ask myself, what will it take to receive luxury – I hear a wide awakening!


I consider myself a fairly wide-open person! I ask, what is a wide awakening? I hear, a complete revamp of the system, a break down of beliefs. You have old thoughts and beliefs that you are not worthy of luxury. Now, this annoys me, yet I know it is true. I wanted to believe those old beliefs were released and taken care of years ago.

I ask, what do I need to do to release the remaining beliefs. I hear, go within! The usual comment!

So, I go within and I notice and see the old belief stemming from childhood where we were very poor and the belief said, “we were not worthy of luxury”.

I turn further inward and say I am not that young person anymore, so my belief should not remain in that state of being. I am very capable of manifesting everything and I am older now. If I want enough money to have a luxurious life, then I shall have it. I felt like I was demanding the belief to release me from its ugly claw.

The acknowledgment of knowing this belief was created when I was a little girl was enough to break down the belief. Sometimes we need a complete retraining of the mind, so I have created an affirmation to match the new belief and will state it until the mind does not know anything except the new belief.

Most lack beliefs were created when we were young and it is time release your lack beliefs to the time and space it occurred in. You are now in a different time and space and you should be creating new beliefs as you progress through time and space.

The further I dove into the belief the easier it was to dispel the belief and any power it held over me. I could understand that the lack of money/luxury was not my belief. It was a belief my parents had and I released that belief to that time and space, as I no longer have that belief. Beliefs are easy to change; you simply have to have the courage to dive into them and then to change them to match your current situation.

What is lack mentality?  continued

What is lack mentality?


Over the past few days I have been asking myself what really is lack mentality?

Do I possess lack mentality or beliefs, if so, where and what do I have lack about?

Webster’s online dictionary states that lack means: a state of being without or not having enough of something.

“A state of being”…….ouch!

I always understood lack of something meant wanting or needing something I did not have, but a state of being…..puts an entirely different spin on it. I really had not thought or felt into lack mentality as a state of being.

For me, a state of being means, ‘I am’ whatever I lack. “A state of being” moves into a belief, a dominant or core belief which extends into present day. So, if I lack money, my new definition means that I am a lack of money. Which puts me in a totally different vibrational alignment of what I try to achieve around money. Money is a simple example for a “lack of belief”, as everyone, at one time or another can resonate with the concept.

This means, if I want to change my ability to receive money, I have to change my thoughts, emotions, actions, and I have to change my state of being. For me, this means and entire overhaul of the belief pattern around the entire subject, starting where the belief began.

Now, I understand that money is simply energy, just as I am energy and as energy we exchange all the time. So as energy, I know I have the ability to change belief, thoughts, emotions, actions, etc at will. This is a core belief, so to change this belief around lack of money, should be fairly simple.

As an energy being, I feel into money and how we exchange energy. What does it offer me? It offers an exchange, which providing safety in the form of a house, electricity, my entire fundamental needs are met with this exchange. And I am in full receiving mode of this kind of exchange. As I dig a little deeper I ask what else does it offer? It offers a valuable exchange for services and goods I want and need to purchase, again I am in full receptive mode for these items. At the same time, I create a sense of gratefulness I have what I need to feel safe in this world.


How to move beyond Intelligence into Wisdom

How to move beyond Intelligence into Wisdom


What do you consider intelligence?

We have many different kinds of intelligence: Verbal, Mathematical, Visual, Rhythmic, Body, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Naturalistic and Existential. All forms of intelligence are widely recognized by Psychologist, Sociologist, Psychiatrists.

The way your brain is organized has much to do in the decision of your dominant intelligence. If you are linear in thinking you use more of a left dominate brain. If you are more holistic in your thinking you are most likely to use your right hemisphere more often. Neither is right or wrong, rather it is a matter of knowing and understanding how you function within your own intelligence.

What do the hemispheres of the brain have to do with wisdom?

Your intelligence has everything to do with wisdom, because in our society today we do not consider them to be equal. There is a perception among human beings, which believes, the older you are the wiser you are. I would disagree and here is why.

Your emotional body, how you feel, is very wise. The emotions hold many memories within the physical body. When emotions arise, do you allow yourself to experience them or do you shove them further and further into your cell memory? It is very harmful to disregard your emotions. Rather, connecting the emotions with your thoughts is what I recommend.  When the thought and the emotion can understand each other, they change, they become more manageable, healed and expanded. Did you know the mind believes every thing you tell it, what are you telling it about your emotions?

Take the word “Bliss” for example. If I want to live a blissful life, but I do not have a working definition for the word bliss, how could I every live blissfully?

If I do not recognize an emotion or have any kind of definition for that emotion, I have no way of understanding what it needs.   When I attach the emotion to an explanation (thought) or definition of the word, this action creates a memory, this memory then creates a translation of how I would live blissfully and what I would need to change to make that real.

Your intelligence does not recognize the ability to live blissfully without information! When you move into wisdom, you recognize within you the feeling of the emotion and you create a definition that matches the feeling, creating memory to manifest what you want, need and desire. This then creates a new pattern and everything you do, say and feel works towards creating more bliss.

This concept is how manifestation works, and when you manifest what you want, you move into the wisdom of it.  Wisdom allows you to understand what you want goes beyond the material world into soul desire.  Creating a vibration that matches everything within your wisdom of desire.

I have created a series of information to help you understand your wisdom.  Click the link below.

Moving beyond the Brain:  Understanding Wisdom


Defrag Beliefs, Thoughts, Emotions & Patterns

Defrag Beliefs, Thoughts, Emotions & Patterns


Do you know how to manifest your wants, dreams and desires?  

I have been working with “The Mothers & Wisdom” to understand the Universal Laws in depth.  The Laws we are focusing on are: Universal Law of Attraction, Universal Law of Vibration & Universal Law of Resonance.

Do you know how to use the Law of Attraction to receive?

These laws can go deep into our souls expansion and growth.  The Universal Law of Attraction has been widely discussed and taught by Esther & Jerry Hicks with Abraham and from the book “The Secret”.  Both talk about how your desires create a frequency and emotions align which increases the force of the desire.

What the Law of Attraction does not tell you is how easy it is to use the Laws to defrag beliefs, emotions, patterns, thoughts, societal programming and paradigms.  It is these dominant beliefs that hold you back from using the Law of Attraction based on your relationship with your beliefs.

Figuring out your dominant beliefs is not easy, mainly because they are entangled with emotions, perceptions, family values, societal programming, etc.  Once you understand your dominant beliefs, it is simple to change them using the laws and understanding how vibration works.

There are 3 strategies in discovering dominant beliefs.
Awareness ~ being aware that  you have belief patterns that are blocking your dreams.  Do you have false beliefs?
Perception ~ do you tell yourself you can do something or is there doubt?
Avoid ~ judgment, regret, blame and shame.

Once the dominant beliefs are established, then starts the defraging process.

Are you ready to understand how to match your vibration to attract and receive?

Click here to learn how The Laws of Attraction, Vibration and Resonance can break the beliefs that hold you from living a blissful life.