Stirring a New Beginning

Stirring a New Beginning


What happens when the world changes and we start the cycle of a new beginning. In humanities past this question has always been answered with…..destruction is what happens. But, I am here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the pattern again this time.

Even though there are plenty of mongers out there wanting to create destruction, there are also plenty of us who want to work through the process as peacefully as possible. Riots, destruction and even death can happen…….when people feel the change their nervous system gets active and they fall back into old patterns.

We have so much cell memory in our DNA, these old patterns are hard to control.

Just know that the more you heal yourself the less reactive your nervous system will be so you can accept change more easily. Change is inevitable and it has to come so humans can grow and expand in their consciousness.

There will be major shifting happening as Pluto enters our cosmic field in March and if you are not ready it will shake, rattle and roll us into something new. How do you get ready?

Heal your trauma, wounds, soul wounds, rid yourself of all entities, imprints, aspects of 3D, implants and all energies contained within you that use the old system of domination and control.

Here are 2 ways to help yourself heal.

  1. Meditation and casting out of the above energies.
  2. Start connecting to the new world energies.

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How to Quantum Shift into the New World

How to Quantum Shift into the New World


When we talk about quantum shifts what does it really mean?

The body, mind and spirit have to work in unison when you are wanting to work in the quantum world. If you look at the definition of Quantum it means the smallest amount of energy. So, if we are thinking about shifting quantumly then we are using the smallest amount of energy to receive whatever the desire is.

The desired outcome is to be able to use a small amount of energy to shift and have big results.

Let’s dissect this wisdom and apply it to life. You are taking a desire and 100% matching it with your body, mind and spirit. Your mind, body and spirit have to match, if they do not match then quantum shifting will not work. This was the hardest piece of knowledge I had to learn and to experience. But when I kept the focus it all happened easily.

Here are my top 3 suggestions when you are wanting to quantum shift.

  • Control your mind. Every thought has to match the desire. There are no shortcuts here. Every single thought has to be about the desire. At the same time do not attach your life to the desire. That is the trick of mind control. Outcomes often do not match the vision created in your mind, a good portion of the time they are better.
  • The Body. Having a clean body will help your cellular body shift more quickly. What do I mean by a clean body? Good food is important but what is more important is that you heal your memories, wounds, and trauma’s. The cells are filled with these parts, both from your current life, past lives and ancestor lives. The more you heal, the more you quantum shift.
  • The spirit. You have to be constantly connected to your spirit/soul. Meditation, journaling, being in nature, being open to receiving support, seeing life as an opportunity and everytime one door shuts ask for a better door to open. Talk to your body as this is the new communication center for quantum living – you should be treating your body as the new intuitive center.

My fourth suggestion is to create a vision and hold that vision of who you want to become, upgrading it every day. Being able to stabilize these four areas is where the problems arise. Because we are not used to such a huge focus, in the past we would focus on one area at a time and in quantum living that is a way to derail yourself.

Expanding your energy, controlling your vibration and focusing on your desire is how you quantum shift.

I have helped so many people in shifting to quantum living with my Soul Mentoring program using Voxer.

Here are a few things people love about this program:

“so easy to use!”
“love that I am getting such fast results!”
“the personalized support is amazing!”
“It’s literally life changing.”

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Here’s How to be Ready for the New World

Here’s How to be Ready for the New World


We have been dreaming of a world with more equality, more authenticity, more peace, more receiving. Oh and this new earth is not in 5D……….what?

It’s true the frequencies of 1D to 7D are just not gonna cut it. Actually, this has already been tried (think Atlantis) and it didn’t work. The equations for those Dimensions have already been corrupted and will not get humanity anywhere except for destruction.

So, the new earth will be created using 22nd dimensional frequencies which requires a new central sun and new star system. We will be aligning the Earth Gate in Peru to the new central sun.

There are a few things that will make your shift to the new consciousness easier. If you do not believe that everything is energy, frequencies and vibrations I highly suggest you do some research. In the new consciousness this is the only thing that exists. And to make the transformation, paying attention to your vibration is imperative.

Here are 3 things to focus on vibrationally.

  • Endocrine system – the new communication system. In the new frequency the endocrine system will be how we communicate. In the old system we believed we communicated with the Amygdala, not any more. We will be connecting and communicating with the carbon based body. This will help with deeper intuition and will create an even playing field with information and evolution.
  • Neutrinos – the new package of information. In the past we have used the telomeres to receive photon light to feed the body. In the new frequency this is too slow of a process so we will be using neutrinos to feed the body. Since neutrinos move faster than light the body will need a bit of time to make the transition so you can expect tiredness, confusion and a feeling of floating in the abyss.
  • The New Frequency – Assignments versus purpose. This is probably the biggest change to the way you view life. We no longer will have a life purpose, instead we will have assignments that will change frequently. Since we are using the entire body as a communication board it will be easier to understand intuition and will be more clear. No more guessing.

This is a little about the new earth, there is always more to come but just wanted to let you know how to get started in shifting.

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I have been exploring…

I have been exploring…


This last weekend I went on a journey to see a person from the future. She was totally amazing and knew everything about herself.

I was filled with questions for her……but the one answer she gave that stood out above the rest was this.

She said in order for her to learn to listen, really listen to the Universe and herself she lived in the forests of the USA for 2 years. I thought….wow… can someone give up their entire life and live on the land for 2 years, without anyone with you, none of your personal items, just BE.

For her it was a direct knowing from her spirit, literally her spirit took everything away, cleared her career, family, gave her money, and all she needed and directed her to live in the forest until she could hear so well that there was never a doubt about her purpose ever again.

I am still mind blown!

I hear intuitively well, but I have never gotten such a straightforward direction for myself.

Have you?

Moving on….I went there because I was looking for an upgrade. And yes, I got an upgrade about what the future holds and all that is to come. Be on the lookout for some super important and amazing activity in the near future.

In the meantime here is what I suggest……if you want that kind of direction for yourself…..start with cleaning out the lymphatic system, then be in nature as much as possible.

  • Do your meditations in nature,
  • go for walks in the forest,
  • sit by trees,
  • swim in the water,
  • drink from a natural spring.

Anything that will allow the silence to enter your cells.

How do you enjoy life?

How do you enjoy life?


All we really want is to feel joy.  Doesn’t this sum up life?

As we enter into 2023, this time of year always brings us to feeling like we need to set some big goals that are filled with opportunities.

The most important goal you need and should set this year is this:  Learn to say YES to the real you! 

That’s it……..all you need to do.  Because I’m pretty sure you have not mastered this yet.  I am here to help you achieve this task and here are 3 ways to create a life that is filled with joy, deep love and amazing mind blowing conversations.  

  1.  Set Boundaries and hold them.  Nothing creates inner chaos more than you not standing by what you say and do.  When you blur the boundaries you set for yourself it sends a clear message to other people that they can walk all over you.  
  2. Live your life according to what you desire.  When you live according to desire you are living free with the soul because it is the soul that seeks, not the ego.  The ego is lazy, and doesn’t want change.  The soul is always wanting to grow and expand and it creates this by having desires.  
  3. Trust who you are.  This is the most important thing in anyone’s life that they trust themselves.  Trust to know your boundaries.  Trust to hold yourself responsible.  Trust to be wise.  Trust to be unattached.  Trust to forgive.  Trust your ability to unify and harmonize with the Universe.  Trust yourself as the creator of your life.  Trust yourself to love the people who support and cherish you as the Goddess you are.  

These natural abilities will create so much freedom in your energy because you are saying YES to your natural self.

Enjoy your power and Happy New Year!


P.S. – I have a new book coming out this year.  I can’t wait to share it with you.  

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What is the purpose?

What is the purpose?

Why am I here?
What am I supposed to do here?
What’s my real purpose?

All valid questions…..and the answers – or sometimes no answers –  can be very frustrating. We have these beliefs that drill into us to succeed, make money, be spiritual…..the list is endless. But then, we have this awakening along the way and all hell breaks loose.

Those questions become deeper, more meaningful, more plague-full, nagging and often make you feel desperate. Those questions make you doubt yourself, make you feel worthless and often cause loneliness. But, I encourage you to keep asking them.

What if the entire reason we – as humans – are here, is not what we think. What if our purpose is not for ourselves but for the conscious evolution of the Universe?

And we live on earth because we are the cells that help Earth evolve. Your own awareness, curiosity, ability to create a life you desire is what feeds the Earth ultimately feeding the Universe. How does this change your perception?

Your real purpose is to harmonize yourself. Not to swing or stay too long in highs or lows, rather to find harmony with the Universe. There is no struggle when you are in harmony.

Harmony becomes complicated when you add in the fact that we live in a Universe based on positives and negatives. Science and life teach us that we need both positives and negatives to create here. Having both positives and negatives in one place causes conflict because everything is measured from a variety of perspectives. This conflict of positives and negatives become tools of creation.

Think about your life, when have you used this tactic? I talk about my boredom frequently. This is my tool to alert me that I need to be creating something. It is my negative that creates a positive motivator to do. This inner conflict keeps me in harmony – when I am out of harmony – I am signaled/triggered by boredom, my inner memo to acknowledge that I have not been creating.

Conflict should not be used as a tool to fight for something, rather it should be a tool to find harmony. This is our biggest lesson!

We are currently at a crossroads in this lesson. In our past we have used conflict as a weapon, to kill, destroy, manipulate, and control. It has not served us well. If we continue down this path, we will find a way to destroy ourselves yet again.

The real reason you are here is to become the harmony. You do this by acknowledging that you are light, not to become light, you already possess it. By using your light (wisdom) to work through your shadows, to understand duality as a tool to manifest and create and not be afraid to enter a state of void, where you are Consciousness – the whole.

To reach this state of wholeness or Unity you have to void yourself of all dualities – positives and negatives. This is a state of freedom, void of everything that belongs to duality. I have experienced this state of being and it is very pleasant until you bump up against people and energy that lives in duality, that projection often pulls you back into duality.

To be in a process of constant evolution a society has to move along this path. We, as a human race, are not along this path. Sure, some of us try to harmonize with nature, the Universe but very few can maintain this status while living life.

If we used conflict as a tool to harmonize, we would constantly be asking ‘what next?’, questioning everything, critically thinking, and actually being aware of what is. However, for a world to expand and grow it has to have high conflict. Without high conflicts there is no growth.

Because we are not constantly questioning and being curious, the earth does not grow, slowing down the evolution of humanity and the Universe.

Here is my newest activation – Harmony.

Stay tuned, more to come next week….