What do you consider intelligence?

We have many different kinds of intelligence: Verbal, Mathematical, Visual, Rhythmic, Body, Intrapersonal, Interpersonal, Naturalistic and Existential. All forms of intelligence are widely recognized by Psychologist, Sociologist, Psychiatrists.

The way your brain is organized has much to do in the decision of your dominant intelligence. If you are linear in thinking you use more of a left dominate brain. If you are more holistic in your thinking you are most likely to use your right hemisphere more often. Neither is right or wrong, rather it is a matter of knowing and understanding how you function within your own intelligence.

What do the hemispheres of the brain have to do with wisdom?

Your intelligence has everything to do with wisdom, because in our society today we do not consider them to be equal. There is a perception among human beings, which believes, the older you are the wiser you are. I would disagree and here is why.

Your emotional body, how you feel, is very wise. The emotions hold many memories within the physical body. When emotions arise, do you allow yourself to experience them or do you shove them further and further into your cell memory? It is very harmful to disregard your emotions. Rather, connecting the emotions with your thoughts is what I recommend.  When the thought and the emotion can understand each other, they change, they become more manageable, healed and expanded. Did you know the mind believes every thing you tell it, what are you telling it about your emotions?

Take the word “Bliss” for example. If I want to live a blissful life, but I do not have a working definition for the word bliss, how could I every live blissfully?

If I do not recognize an emotion or have any kind of definition for that emotion, I have no way of understanding what it needs.   When I attach the emotion to an explanation (thought) or definition of the word, this action creates a memory, this memory then creates a translation of how I would live blissfully and what I would need to change to make that real.

Your intelligence does not recognize the ability to live blissfully without information! When you move into wisdom, you recognize within you the feeling of the emotion and you create a definition that matches the feeling, creating memory to manifest what you want, need and desire. This then creates a new pattern and everything you do, say and feel works towards creating more bliss.

This concept is how manifestation works, and when you manifest what you want, you move into the wisdom of it.  Wisdom allows you to understand what you want goes beyond the material world into soul desire.  Creating a vibration that matches everything within your wisdom of desire.

I have created a series of information to help you understand your wisdom.  Click the link below.

Moving beyond the Brain:  Understanding Wisdom