Feeling safe in these changing times!

Feeling safe in these changing times!


The programming of separation no longer exists!

When you read the line above what happened to you. Did you ignore it? Did it send chills up your spine? Did you totally resonate with the words? Did it make you angry?

Now that the statement is fully in your awareness please read it again. Now what happened? Continue to read it until it makes sense emotionally and intellectually and each time pay close attention to what happens within you.   It is meant to bring up some kind of experience for you to explore.

The shifting energy is a hot topic right now as you feel the aching bones, stomach pains, headaches and emotional ups and downs. You cannot sit back and ignore the changing energy. Ignoring the energy only creates more unsafe emotions and thoughts, pulling you fully into fear. Feeling fearful now is not what you need to do and if you are feeling fearful, please reach out to a like hearted and ask for help.

During changing times reaching deep within and finding the courage you instinctively know you possess. Find the wisdom of truth, which resides in each of us. Remember you are here to help push the denseness of separation to the curb and to bring in love and joy.

This is the changing of the guard! It is time to step into the full power of our existence.

How do you power through the energy, by not being afraid to go within, to bare your soul. To experience your love with such intensity that you cry at every remembering thought of wisdom. Allow yourself to discover and to nurture your mind, your body and your soul.

Find courage in knowing others have similar experiences and this confirmation is letting you know you are not alone. Feeling lonely is a choice, reach out to people you know will help you make emotional and logical sense of what you are experiencing is also a choice.

When you make sense of what is happening, what your bodies are experiencing and what the eyes and ears are sensing, you find comfort and there is a deeper and deeper understanding of your purpose.

The programming of separation no longer exists and it is your right to move up and out of the dense energy that has held you back from remembering who we are as an energy being. You do not have excuses, what you have is love, truth, and wisdom. You have energy so expansive it is hard to put words to what you are experiencing, so simply be.

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The Value of Going Into Silence

The Value of Going Into Silence


A Semi-silent Meditation Retreat

I remember the first day I went into silence, it feels like it was yesterday. I was filled with anticipation of going deep within, to experience silence like I had never experienced it before. I was a bit nervous to go so deep within myself, that I actually made myself sick a few days before I was scheduled to leave for the event.

I was a ball of emotions, none of which I could identify with. It was as if they were new emotions, or old emotions that had a new layer to them. I rarely get nervous, but I have to admit I was nervous about the silence. Like you, I live in a very loud and noisy world.

The nervousness continued upon arrival, as I was entering a place with new faces, not knowing any of the other people attending this silent event. The thing I thought would be a saving paradigm was that we would be silent, so there was no room for small talk or getting to know people. Just silence!

Much to my surprise there was some sort of underlying knowingness with the other participants, like we had known each other for years. There was no room for small talk as there was deep and expansive conversation to experience. We all seemed to be on the same path to enlightenment or at least to understand ourselves better and the reasons we exist.

What I learned from this experience was that I yearned for the silence, silent meditations are now a regular part of my daily life. I yearn for the moments of silence so I can explore an even deeper level of who I am. My first experience was mind blowing to say the least.

This experience was life changing and with every change comes new opportunity to open up to my path, my journey and my truth. I hope you join me for an experiential experience into the ultra depths of YOU.

You can find more information by clicking here:  Going Deep





3 Steps to Function at Maximum Capacity in 2016?

Welcome to 2016!

What an amazing year this will be.  What will it take to create the life you deserve, no more desiring, it is time to take action.  What action will you be taking?

Stop giving up your power to the world, it is time to take your power back.  Are you tired of being tired?

I hope you are tired, because it is time to be visible!
Step1:  Being Visible may mean being vulnerable. Being vulnerable is not a negative emotion or feeling, it is very powerful.  Being vulnerable is very powerful because it makes you take new action steps to create a new way of being.

I hope your tired, because it is time to be brave!
Step 2:  Being brave means going deep within yourself.  It is time to stop looking outside of your self for answers, rather it is time to go within.  You hold all the answers and those answers are found within your own vibrational intelligence.  Take back your power that you have given up over the years.  Go Deep within your own self!

I hope your tired, because it is time to feel united!
Step 3:  When we feel connected there is an inner sense of peace.  Being connected with our own vibration and the vibration of the universe is very calming because there is a sense of knowing that we are here for a much greater purpose.  This greater purpose cannot be felt without being innately connected with everything.

It is time to move into being the multi-dimensional being you came to earth to be.  This year is a powerful year, if you use the energy as I described in last weeks blog to your advantage it will be simple to function at maximum capacity.

Soul Mentor Shares Energy of 2016

Soul Mentor Shares Energy of 2016


It’s All About the Energy!

With each New Year come new promises of hope. An illusive energy where I set big goals and make big plans. A space where dreams, wants and desires are held with anticipation.

2016 promises all this illusive energy and more.

Looking forward, the energy brings a newfound sense of confidence. An energy telling me to become aware of the vibration of the word, “boldness”.

I hear, live boldly and with passion.  Be passionate, as passion sets the dormant nature of human beings on fire, this is how to make change

I feel this energy almost wanting to push me off the cliff I have been adventuring towards for some time now. A cliff that is steep and looks dangerous, a perception only a slight wrong step would change.

A cliff with a few sharp edges which mostly presents a straight downward descent. If I were to jump off this cliff I know and trust a bottom would appear as I trust in who I am, but I question my survival of the fall.

I hear the cliff telling me to speak and be my truth, but to do it with love as this human race has suffered so much and it is time to bring peace and happiness into their lives. I hear the cliff saying to be respectful of the people and the words of the new energy, it is the vibration of the words that raise people from the throws of time.

I hear the cliff telling me to be compassionate, yet never at the expense of someone else. To yell louder if I need to so someone hears my truth as I descend. And never to give up on love for it will heal the world.

I hear this year will be one of courageous times, none that I have experienced before in this lifetime. Yet it is time, time to be bold and stand up for what is right action according to love. Stand up and be heard for the echo’s of the valley will carry for miles.

So, prepare for the boldness and the fire of your passions, because this is the year!

These human emotions are a doozy!

These human emotions are a doozy!


I know for a fact that starseeds have a difficult time with the emotional body and understanding the emotions. These emotions can change a perceptive thought within a millisecond and my whole world is turned upside down.

I feel like an emotional rollercoaster sometimes!

The emotions have moves I do not understand and they do not match the logic of my left-brain. So my left and right brain seem to be in a continuous battle for control, neither of them ever wins, rather the battle continues and overtime I give up, falling deeper and deeper into the trap of separation.

As a starseed I have worked almost continuously to understand the duality of such rigorous strain on the emotional body. I have even gone into categorizing the emotions and listing the extremes of what one emotion brings to the table. Trying relentlessly to connect it to some sort of wisdom or knowledge.

Really that is all the left-brain wants is to understand the emotional body, to put some sort of knowledge to what is being felt so it can help with this experience in some way.

I have been told time and time again to remove the left-brain, the ego. To put it outside of myself so it would stop asking questions. I did this for a period of time and it seemed to obey, but what I noticed was that it kept me more in separation theory than helping me to move forward on this spiritual journey.

So I brought it back and asked it what it needed. All it told me was that it wanted to help but needed to be fed some type of knowledge to help arrange the emotions and the feeling attached to the words so healing and happiness could reside.

I seriously wondered why I did not do this earlier in my life, who would have thought to just ask? Duh!

There are many emotions that are still illusive to me and then to add to the confusion there are false words, which have no meaning and keep me in wonder what it really means or if the meaning is to keep me under a false precept?  As a starseed the language combined with the emotions and explanation of the feelings keep me busy. I have a real quest to understand this human experience far greater than what is on the surface.

I love how eloquently, yet almost destructive this planet is with all of its duality. It is a complex puzzle and may feel like it will take an eternity to completely understand. Something I know the wisdom of remembering holds within its clutch. Yet, I will continue to understand the emotions and to feed the brain knowledge, all the while moving toward to a unified self.