There is a Cazimi happening

There is a Cazimi happening


On October 22nd, a Venus Cazimi takes place at 2:17 pm PT.

What is a Venus Cazimi?

It’s the most auspicious day for love, beauty and pleasure. Venus will be purified by the Sun on this day and it is known to gift you fresh insights, opportunities and possibilities. This purification will set you up well for the eclipse season which starts on Tuesday, October 25th.

I want to express to you just how much I love and appreciate you!

Here is a love poem from me to you with the intention that love leads the way for you in your life.

My beloved Soul

you are a beautiful thing

powerful and loving

known to man

yet not seen

Wandering through time

I hear your voice

dripping within me

Your purpose I will keep

fill my body with passion

and love

these are the keys

my beloved soul

~ Angela Blaha

Disappointing and expansive at the same time

Disappointing and expansive at the same time


As you know I have returned from France. I went on a Black Madonna and Mary Magdalene tour with the most beautiful woman whose family has served the Magdalene lineage since she walked the earth.

I had such hope that this would be a very transformational experience but I experienced so much disappointment. Don’t get me wrong It was totally worth it, but my expectation had a different image of what would happen – this is self-sabotage at its finest.

What drew me to the trip were the Black Madonnas (wanting to know more about them), the gypsies (my father always told me I was a gypsy), and the dragon energy. Did you know there was a dragon that stood watch at the cave of Mary the entire time she lived and taught from there?

I had no idea until I saw, for the first time, a statue of Mary Magdalene and a dragon at her feet. I cried immensely as I have always had a dragon by my side and it was super powerful to know I wasn’t alone.

Do you have a dragon by your side?

My soul’s purpose on this exploration was to release the dragon’s from captivity as they were cast into an underground cave to protect them and to connect this energy with creation once again. It is the dragon energy, which means “all seeing” and is symbolized as divine will and empowerment. They harness the creation energies which we are moving into as a consciousness. They also hold all the powers of the elements. 2023 is filled with this energy and I will be bringing more of this to your awareness as time moves forward. (Look for the most expansive course I have ever created with this information.)

We can have experiences that are both disappointing and expansive at the same time. It is the perception of the ego that casts a vision that will (in my experience) always disappoint. When you follow your soul and be devoted to it you will never be disappointed because there is no ego involved. The vision of the dragons being free was so powerful!

When you have these kinds of experiences, be sure to

  1. Change the narrative and
  2. Look at the experience with a birds eye view, a 360 degree viewpoint, see all sides.

I could have just been miserable with disappointment but I kept asking, with every human atrocity my soul forced me to see, what is this purpose? More on all the atrocities next week. I listened deeply for an expansive answer – then I was directed to release the dragons. There were more atrocities but it was the divine presence of the dragons that kept me curious and intrigued. The 360 viewpoint never fails to change the narrative of the perception.

If you are ready for the next step in evolution click here to learn more.  Just know it is one of the deepest experience I have ever created.

Creation is changing the Narrative!

Creation is changing the Narrative!


As a human race we have a tendency to only see one way. Usually this vision comes from our past experience (old patterns, programming, cycles). In order for the beginning stages of creation to happen you have to change these narratives (also known as beliefs) you have.

There is no way around this part of shifting consciousness!

For example: The recent hurricane in Florida was said to create vast devastation and destruction. What if……as a master of creation your focus was not on devastation of physical material but devastation of old beliefs, patterns, cycles? Can you imagine the benefits of changing the narrative for all weather and storms?

Changing the narrative for a hurricane allows for support of the natural world, something we have not used for many eons. Humans used to rely on the support of the natural world then we were seen as witches, alchemists and magicians. A real human atrocity was created with these lies and the truth being that we are creators here in a physical form whose power is unstoppable.

To sum it all up, shifting consciousness is easy…. start with changing the narrative. Stop those ugly repeating patterns, programs and become the real you, super powerful and full of curiosity and wonder.

Step 1 to becoming a creator – change the narrative.

To help you on your creator journey check out my Crisis Care Course.

Are we done playing in the Chaos yet?

Are we done playing in the Chaos yet?


I have been absent for a good portion of 2022….allowing my own chaos to simply play itself out. It has been a year to end cycles, everything from old desires, patterns, deaths of viruses and queens. A year for the evolutionary history of humanity.

I know I have done my fair share of ending cycles, patterns, partnerships, businesses, thoughts, desires that were not aligned, deep soul diving, seeing into the future, and admitting to myself of who I really am.

As you read this, I am in France to explore the energy of Mary Magdalene and the Black Madonna’s. It has been on my list for over 3 years now and finally I will be embodying the Goddess who BIRTHED THE TRUTHS that created envy which formed the  BETRAYALS OF HUMANITY. (More on this later)

2023 will be an explosive year, personal growth will be the trend and more ending of cycles and patterns. Truth will be the most desired thing. Your own personal truth as well as humanities truth.

There is huge energy for creation/invention right now, use it to your advantage. The only things that must accompany this energy is authenticity, sustainability and support. Anything to do with supremacy is dead, capitalism and hierarchy will struggle in 2023. So, if you are engaged in those areas just know it will be a rough year for you.

Chaos has been the limelight for several years now, it has pit people against people, and I feel a giant shift in this energy is currently occurring. Truth is deeply desired by most humans now and this is the shift we have been waiting for.

With this shift in consciousness from chaos to truth comes new energy to create. This creation energy will not support a new avenue to an old creation. NO, NO, NOOOOOOOO

This is a new creation that will support you and help you master the 5 dragon energies. Because humanity has been so BETRAYED in the past these 5 elements are a must. They help you overcome any anger, hurt and betrayal that domination, control and manipulation has created.

The embodiment of the Goddesses of Truth is a beautiful tribute to this creation energy, and I will be bringing its wisdom to the forefront in 2023.

If you are feeling stuck, not sure if you’re ready for 2023 I highly suggest you check out all the classes in my Library, just click HERE. Being ready for this shift of consciousness is the best thing you can do for yourself and thriving in 2023. IT IS TIME!

2022 has been a Douse

2022 has been a Douse


Not sure about you, but 2023 cannot come fast enough. 2022 has played its part in the ending of cycles and now we are ramping up for creation in 2023.

The energy seems to come quick, bold and a bit early for the new year but here we are.

I have been mostly wrapping up my own cycles this year, which explains my absence, allowing the chaos to play out………no more need for partnerships, brick & mortar businesses, doing things the old way, the list seems to be endless.

What have you finished up, completed the cycle of or ended?

It is a very important question to ask yourself – a yearly review of all the endings is a must. So, do the thing and make a list of the cycles, patterns that you will no longer do in the future. If you spend enough time in this process, you will notice how your energy has changed and the need to stay in the old patterns isn’t even there anymore. It’s important you notice!

Again, this is an important part of creation, because creation cannot and will not happen if you are still revolving in your old ways, patterns, cycles and programming.

If you have been doing the work, learning how to end cycles, crisis care kind of things then you are well on your way to creation (which is what is being demanded of you in 2023). If you have not been doing the work, feeling stuck or just can’t muster up any energy to do it then check out my new library of courses on my webpage

There is no moving forward without the ending of things.

There are two lines of discipline for 2023 – the old way (which works for those who have not been doing the work) and the new way (which will work for those who have been doing the work).

As I’m sure most of you have been doing the work and most likely you have noticed that the old processes of manifestation, journaling, mantra’s, meditation, whatever you have been doing in the past just don’t seem to have as much power as they used to.

With that being said, manifestation is super easy these days and take zero time, but manifestation doesn’t work in creation/intervention energy. Leaving all your old practices behind and finding what works in creation can be super frustrating.

You can start moving into creation energy by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Am I truly authentic with who I came here to be?  Have I healed my purpose wound?
  2. What is my real purpose and am I willing to go bold enough for it to be seen and heard in the world of chaos?
  3. Is this creation sustainable, do I have the power and energy?

Asking yourself these questions will get you started for creation energy. I have many new business ideas that will be released in the coming months.

Here is a sneak peek……

Thriving movement podcast, classes, and retreats. Using dragon energy to burn our deepest pain as a human race – betrayal. Mastering the 5 Dragons of Thriving.

This is going to be an emotionally deep year, both of healing and living a very purposeful life.

What Your Soul Actually Does When You Sleep

What Your Soul Actually Does When You Sleep


What if sleep is just another level of undiscovered consciousness?

What if, while we sleep it’s the perfect opportunity for the soul to speak to us, but rather than speaking in English it speaks in metaphors that we call dreams?

Let’s face it, sleep is a mysterious thing and I’ve been exploring the idea that sleep, like everything else, is simply a belief.  We believe that the body and the mind need sleep in order to replenish itself but what if it is another layer of consciousness that we are afraid to uncover?

In my dream the other night, It was very clear that my dream was a state of consciousness trying to tell me how to release from a karmic pattern.  For example, In the dream my name was the same, I looked the same, but my family was different culturally and the setting of the dream was different from my childhood.  What was similar were the problems the family had with addictive behaviors of the family I grew up in.

Without getting emotionally entangled with the dream I intentionally asked for clarity and purpose of the dream and how it related to my current life.  After all, there were too many synchronicities to ignore.  The answer was simple, stop picking families, situations and experiences of where I broke addictive cycles for others.

Now, the rational mind really wanted to place blame and guilt on the chaos of the dream, that this dream had nothing in common with my fault.  The ego really wanted me to emotionally dismiss the dream and chalk it up to a bad nightmare.

The soul was very clear that it was my highest consciousness and I was to pay attention.

The big picture of the dream was telling me to make changes to my life, to make a conscious decision about what I really wanted in my life.  A sort of conscious teaching that was very clear of how simple it was to make the changes I need in my life so that I stop allowing and following the trails of addiction.  Of course, when I awoke, I started to observe where I have addictive qualities and all I needed to do was to have conscious awareness and make decisions based on what I want the outcome of this life to be.

So, what does the soul do when the body sleeps?  It gathers information, brings it to us in a metaphor because it is easier to bypass the ego in a metaphor than it is to face the issue.  The soul travels, most likely to a simultaneous or past life and brings in comparisons to explore, but most of the time we get so caught up in the drama of the dream that we completely miss the message.

Like all states of consciousness, sleeping consciousness is multidimensional and the soul is always working to help us remember and to align with our mission and essence.  So, explore your dreams more… the soul is talking, are you listening?

Ready to explore more of your soul’s calling? Click here to book a free 15-minute Soul Session with me.