Seriously, this again!

Seriously, this again!


I have to admit it has been a struggle for me to get back into any type of routine since my visit to Peru. Although it has been four weeks, I feel like it has been an eternity and wonder what I have been doing since then.

Upon my return, I vowed to carry the amazing high vibration of love, joy and bliss energy I experienced in Peru. I knew at some level of my existence this high vibration was possible, but I had not experienced until my trip.

A few days later I was talking with a client and I noticed I had willing gave my high vibrational love energy away. I thought to myself there it goes, I was confident I could regain the vibration at will.

Disappointingly, since that moment in time I have been basking in the 3-D energy of separation, I have been disconnected with the high vibration. I consider myself to be fairly conscious and I thought to myself, seriously, do I have to do this again?  It has taken me a few weeks to sort out what has been happening, but here it is.

My thinking patterns had returned to third dimensional thinking which showed up as “lack of” thinking. I lacked the close connection with the people I so enjoyed in Peru. I found myself missing the energy, the people and the place, all of which kept me in third dimension.  I found myself thinking, if only I could live in Peru where the energy of lay lines are so high you can actually see them with your third eye, then I would be happy. I found my emotions crawling into these thoughts and how my feelings took on the thinking. I found myself feeling exhausted and crying constantly, thinking I wasn’t enough to human kind. I had a lack of purpose and I found myself regurgitating the thoughts over and over.

I knew something was wrong and consciously dove back into the separation to understand why. In my last blog I talked about all the past lives where I lived in separation, trying to understand it’s every move. Here I go again, I heard from my soul.

What I learned is this: when I choose to move into separation of who I know I am, it is my thinking patterns that change. And even though I was in the midst of the energy, I knew something was not right, I felt trapped within my own psyche. I knew consciously, at some level, that I was going into the energy of lack, which is exactly what third dimensional/separation/unconscious energy is.

I also learned just how multi-dimensional we really are as human beings as we choose which energy to flow with and which energy is teaching us something. Looking back it was another beautiful experience and another gentle reminder from Peru.

When I move into third dimensional energy it is my thinking patterns that change, falling into the lack paradigm. When I choose to move out of that energy, again my thinking changes. I know I cannot trust my thoughts as they are always related to past memories or experiences and it is present moment time which creates our reality. I tried to move myself into present moment time knowing this would bring me out of the lessons or experience of separation from myself, but the energy would not have it. My experience had not been learned and my soul was not about to allow me to experience joy until I understood and found the wisdom. Even though I knew I was experiencing something, I choose not to look at what I was to experience, instead I choose to be miserable in my own thoughts and emotions.

I have been asking for full consciousness and what this experience taught me, which may be important to you is this: Pay attention to which dimension you are creating in. If you are in a lack paradigm ask yourself, what is this experience about? How can I move through this more rapidly and what do I need to understand, feel or bring remembrance to the surface to move forward? Learn about who you are at a level beyond your current wisdom, dive deep into the experience without judgment, lack of thinking or fear of the unknown.

Much new information has come from my diving deep, backing is all dimensions and moving further into who I am and what is to come. If you are experiencing pain and suffering, please reach out, you can find me at

My website went down

My website went down


 What does it mean?

When things go array, frustration and anxiety flowed in even when I focused on love to help heal the situation. I am not one that gets excited too often, but I felt a little uncomfortable when my website was down for several days. Normally this would not be a big deal, but I am right in the beginning stages of a webinar campaign and everything is linked to the website.

On Thursday 1/28, my website went off line, the day after I started a really cool free webinar campaign called, “The Art of using the other 95% of your Brain.”

I only have two weeks to advertise for this free event and I was planning on hosting a ton of people. Friday was spent finding a new hosting site, moving my domain name, talking with my strategist, etc. A ton of time spent on something that shouldn’t have taken but a few hours to fix ended up taking days.

I asked why is this happening? Right at the start of a big event this has to happen? What am I missing? I know that obstacles happen for a reason, but why? I asked over and over.

You see, I find it sort of funny now because at the beginning of the week I kept getting the message I was missing something. I did not reach out to my mentors because I figured I could figure this out myself. I also missed valuable clues telling me to move forward with a project I had started and put aside several months ago.

In hindsight all the answers to my questions were next to me and I ignored them. The answers were there before I even had to ask the questions. Had I just paid closer attention, been focused on the now, I would have looked at the big picture of what my soul and wisdom tried to tell me. Instead I did not pay attention and my soul put a stop to the campaign to draw my attention to the details.

Well thank goodness my soul knows more than my brain does. Now the webinar is much more focused. A new project is being created and it is so much more creatively focused than I could have ever asked it to be.

Sometimes the “mess” gives us time to take a step back and ask important questions that were missed in the beginning. Had I listened closer to myself or explored the messages I was getting along the way I could have avoided this situation. But I didn’t and now it is costing me much time and money, a valuable lesson learned. A much needed blessing as the hosting switch is going to serve my future plans much more efficiently and the project is in total alignment with my focus, my creativity has increased because of the process and I feel in flow of what I am here to do once again.

So what does all of this have to do with the webinar? The webinar will still be held on February 10th as originally planned. In the webinar I will share with you information about how to use the other 95% of your brain, which I should have been doing. Haha   Best of all, the idea of continuing free webinars every month has sprung up along with linking it to the cycle of nature, the chakra system, and so much more.

Please join me on my free webinar:  The Art of using the other 95% of your brain



My website went down

Action? What Action?


What is Your New Year Vision?

This is the time of year that I begin to set all those goals, dreaming big and creating wish upon wish.
I have created vision boards, aligned all my calendars so everything is in place, organized my office and cleaned out some closets.
I did not forget a single thing, I even added the perfect colors to the bedrooms, living spaces and added some copper outside to stop a fault line from allowing unwanted energy to my space.
I have set intention after intention…….now what?

Do you set goals for the new year?  I want to hear from you here, how do you do it?  What do you do after you have created your vision board, or calendars?

So often after we have created our wants, needs and desires, we forget about the action pieces that have to follow.  The piece of manifesting that we most often forget, the most important piece of “The Secret” that they forgot to tell you is based in the action pieces.

The Universe will deliver every single thing you wish for, but you have to be willing to take the action step to make it manifest.  Just having amazing ideas is only the beginning, there has to a creation stage, what action will allow the idea to come into the 3-D.  Can you imagine what our world would be like if Einstein kept all of his amazing ideas in his head, without trying time and time again to get the light bulb to work.

We may see Einstein’s multiple attempts as failure,and proclaim not to attempt anything because of your fear of failure.  I encourage you to view the attempts not as failure, rather look at the genius ideas and then take the action to create it.  We do not get anywhere in this world without attempts to expand and grow.

If you need help with your expansion process in the new year, I have many expansive ideas with practical tips to achieve every want, need and desire you can create.  Watch the events tab to find out when these opportunities will be coming.

My website went down

What I learned from my Grandmother!


It was in my Akash that I experienced my Grandmother.

You see, I had been grieving my Grandmother for 25 years. As a psychologist I understand that 25 years is a long time to miss someone. As Angela, I also understood that 25 years is a long time to hold my pattern of grieving for someone I adored. I thought of my Grandmother as being very godlike. My experience of receiving her unconditional, non judgmental love was beyond my comprehension. Every word, every action of her’s reminded me of who I someday wanted to become.

It was in my Akash that I made the decision that I needed to heal my grief for her, as I could barely speak her name and the tears would flow. In my Akash is where I would see her, and be reminded of how much I missed her.

One day during my visit with her in my Akash, she asked me what I missed about her? It took me a while to figure out what it really was that I missed about her. Finally the answer came. It was her unconditional, non-judgmental love that I experienced with her. She told me it was simple to fix. All I had to do was to embody those qualities. To become the unconditional love that I missed, then I would no longer miss her.

What a wise woman my Grandmother was and still is. She was right I can write and talk about her without breaking down and crying myself to sleep.

To learn more, listen to the radio show….

My website went down

Self-empowerment through the Akashic Records


taken from Edge Life Magazine
The Akashic records have many names. Some refer to the records as the Conscious Mind or Cosmic Mind, while others refer to the Akashic Records as The Book of Life, the Eye of God or The Word of God.

References to the Akashic records date back to antiquity. The Book of Life can be found in folklore, in myth and the Old and New testaments. It is traceable to the Semitic peoples who believed in a celestial tablet that contained the history of human kind and spiritual information. The Akashic records are the personal file of each soul.

Akasha is a Sanskrit word meaning “ether” or “primary substance” out of which all things are formed. The word Akasha is from two ancient Tibetan or northern Indian words — “Aka” meaning space, a storage place or repository, and “Sa” meaning sky, hidden or secret.

The Akashic records are an unseen space or storage space — a dimension of consciousness that is not physically seen in the world in which we live, yet we know it exists. This existence is a vibrational form or level of the soul and it is accessed through our vibration of words, meditation or symbols.

This vibrational energy of complete balance represents all the elements of earth, air, water, fire, sun, moon and love. It also represents the universal inner space of wisdom. The Akashic records are the etheric/ether field that surrounds us. They are everywhere and can be accessed by everyone. This ether is where the collective consciousness resides. The records are a comprehensive edition of who you are from the inception of your soul until infinity. With this knowledge then, we accept the understanding of the concept of reincarnation and the fact that all souls are eternal.

Pioneers of Wisdom
Along the way, an abundance of information on the Akashic records has been revealed. Two mystics, H.P. Blavatsky and Rudolf Steiner, were early pioneers who possessed the ability to perceive information beyond the material world. Edgar Cayce popularized the Akashic records with his uncanny ability to enter an altered state and access many types of information. He did so with accuracy and his works can be found in hundreds of books, biographies and other types of recordings. More modern day Akashic records practitioners, such as Linda Howe, can be found all over the world.

Access the Akashic records
When you access your own soul’s records, you become personally and collectively empowered through the radiant vibration of life, light and love. Discover how to create deep personal transformation by accessing your own wisdom through your Akashic field. The deep truth of the Akashic field allows you to remember your oneness with every being in the Universe and beyond.

Every thought, word, action, emotion and experience that has occurred in your soul’s experience is recorded within the Akashic records. You can learn about relationships, health and your soul’s path through insight, guidance and understanding within our earthly plane by bringing this wisdom to your everyday life.

During my keynote talk at the Minneapolis Holistic Expo, I will explain the Akashic records and show you two different methods to enter your Akashic field, where you will experience your soul’s vibration.

We will explore how your book of life can expand your consciousness, and how to heal karmic thoughts, actions and words. When we come to our record with the intent to heal, we are able to access our remembering of the truth and love we need to receive for that healing to manifest.

Join me in accessing your own endless sea of knowledge and feel the evolutionary vibration of your soul.

Angela Blaha is a Keynote Speaker who will present the 90-minute workshop, “Empowerment through the Akashic Records” from 10:30 a.m. to Noon on Saturday, Nov. 7 at at Minneapolis Holistic Expo. Visit to save on advance tickets and for complete details.

Energy is shifting

Energy is shifting


This energy is difficult right now!

That is an understatement for many of us.

As most of you probably know, it was decided in 2012 that the human population would not be erased from the planet in order to up grade to the new and improved human being.   Every single time before we have been removed in order to upgrade. From Homo antecessor, then homo heidelbergensis, then came the homo neanderthalensis, then Cro-magnon and finally the homo sapiens.

This is a huge opportunity and an unprecedented experience, so we are feeling very disconnected, not sure of anything and overwhelmed so much it feels like total chaos. This energy is expected to remain or possibly worsen through the end of this year and it is not the end of the transition it is only the beginning.

Now, I will repeat that this is a huge opportunity to get it right. We all have had struggles before, so what we live through them and we get better at handling what we need to handle. I see this process as a defragging of the system. With PC computers we have to defrag them from time to time to re-organize. I see the process we are currently in as a defragging, we need to get rid of the old and bring new in, organize some of the information we already have and file it away for future use.

You are not alone, as everyone of us are working through the process together so please reach out if you are needing logical information to match the feelings you are experiencing.

I tend to look at all the angles, as I am an up down thinker, meaning I see the big picture and then work at the puzzle pieces. What I see for the future of human kind is almost indescribable. Remembering and returning to the love from which we came is what this whole process is about. If you could picture a perfect world made of love that is what I see and we are on our way to creating that.

We are masters of creation right now, so do your part and create the master you came to earth to be. Be spectacular and if you need help along the way empower yourself by listening to your intuition and to discern everything. Be the seeker of everything and follower of nothing. Leave judgment to the side and accept and love everything and everyone for who they are, rather than what they are. Everyone of us on this planet and beyond only want to be and feel loved so become love. Embody your true self.

Much love,